8 thoughts on “Diwali, Animal Aid Unlimited & Vegan Food in India

  1. Such a beautiful initiative. I hope later to organize a trip to India in order to volunteer at Animal Aid too. (Sorry for eventual mistakes, I’m French.) Love your videos, good luck guys! (And that Vegan pizza though.. Made me so hungry!)

    1. Hey there Alia, we really hope you are able to make it to Animal Aid Unlimited one day because it is such a beautiful place. Everyone there cares about the animals so much. Thank you so much for the kind comment and we are really glad you found our video. If you need any tips or recommendations don’t hesitate to write us. You can also sign up to vegantravel. com and find a ton of tips regarding travelling throughout India. 🙂

  2. It is very good, that such animal aid sanctuaries exist! By the way: Indonesia was very interesting and quite pretty much vegan!..

    1. Petr- Yes, Indonesia is very Vegan friendly. We had no issues at all when we travelled there a couple years ago.

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