67 thoughts on “Booty Workout + Vegan Pre/Post Workout Meals | Let’s Get Fit #11

  1. Looooove this video!! Omg totally going to do your ‘booty’ workout!! And making both your pre-workout and post-workout meals!!! YUM

    1. Mei Teng Chan my first video will up tomorrow as I got the flu yesterday and I’ve been in bed all day today😭🤒

    1. Fra vS because that’s personally my life and what I love to do. I do other things though like going to the beach but mainly I’m cooking, eating, exercising, writing, photography, filming, editing and travelling around👍🏼

    2. @Alexandra Albarran so what? Non vegan people always say ‘after work’ or ‘before i go to work’, but all of the vegans I’ve seen seem to work out and eat as a job…

    3. Fra vS There are plenty of vegans that aren’t on YouTube or working via online. There are plenty of non vegans that do work via online and YouTube too.

  2. Can someone tell me how to get rid of inner knee fat? It really bothers me and somehow none of my friends have it 🤔

  3. this is random but i think you’ll look amazing with a bob hair cut like natalie portman in leon the professional !!

  4. If you dont naturally have the big booty gene
    ( because there is one), eating maca root can give you the harmones to add some fluff to your backside. Oh and some squats/lunges will help!

  5. you look incredibly healthy and beautiful I just hope you are not a mean angry all the time unsatisfried biatch

  6. just wondering what weight (barbell) you’re using in this vid? I’m getting into higher reps/lower weight because I want to get my heart rate up at the same time, interested to know what you use 🙂

    1. H Moller I just use 10-15kg barbells normally as I don’t like to use heavy bars for squats. But for other things I use 20kg and then add weights onto that.

  7. idk what im doing wrong but whenever i make the chickpea patties, they come out a kind of watery consistency and dont cook into a solid patty :/

  8. I love your videos so much 😍❤️ I watch them non stop I’m like addicted and even tho I have finals I’m like “one more vegan recipe video!” 😂👏🏼 thanks for sharing your recipes are your cookbooks released in worldwide bookstores??

  9. I’m rewatching your videos because I love them that much😍 you only eat 3 times a day right? Without snaking? Is it like intermittent fasting?? 🙂

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