53 thoughts on “4 New Years Vegan Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

  1. Thanks to you and other inspirational members of the YouTube vegan community, I’ve decided to go vegan from vegetarianism! Your winning personality and inspirational videos never fail to keep me motivated and looking forward to a completely plant-based lifestyle 🙂 Thank you and much love, Freelee! <3

  2. Freelee, I want to go vegan and eat as raw as possible, but I’m afraid of messing up. Everything about veganism is appealing to me. I already use exclusively vegan cosmetics and toiletries, so I’ve got that part down. I really need help with my diet and I want to lose 20-30 lbs. I’ve tried being vegan twice before, the last time for four months. I ended up giving up because I never lost a noticeable amount of fat at it and I rapidly lost muscle mass even while lifting weights 3 times per week and doing cardio 4 times per week. (I lost about 7-8 lbs total at the beginning but ended up gaining it back and fluctuating.) I didn’t use oil ever when I went vegan and I rarely ate nuts, seeds, or avocados. I could eat nothing but whole plant foods for days, then I would have tofu, vegan chik’n, pasta or vegan pizza because I was craving something more. I’ve never been able to eat completely raw for even a day without feeling shaky or starved. I do drink LOTS of water though. Please offer me advice how I can do this the right way without screwing up again or having cravings. I’ve tried eating exclusively fruit and I never felt satiated. What am I doing wrong? I don’t want to lose all of my muscle and retain body fat. You are so lean and so are many other vegan girls/women, I really want to be too but I just don’t know how to achieve it. Please help!

  3. freelee 😙🍌🌱 you’re such a great motivation! I wish I could live with you so I could be fully raw. tbh it’s still hard for me sometimes because I live at home with a family who eat meat and processed goods.

  4. people say vegetarians live longer than meat eaters
    people say vegans live longer than vegetarians
    pescatarians live longer than all of them

  5. Im gonna try eating vegetarian. Im so glad I grow up eating rice with everything so technically I don’t have to change much in my diet.

  6. please always keep saying the stuff at 1:50 because i always forget but then i eat more and it makes me feel better. thankyouu

  7. I saw in one of you’re vids the other day u were wearing a vegan surfer tshirt where can I get it please let me know

  8. I don’t have a flat stomach or a thigh gap, but I’m not fat and I’m healthy, I totally don’t want those features and if you don’t have them… It’s okay.

  9. without further ‘ado’ not ‘adieu’… at the age of 36, you should know the basics of English!!

  10. hey freelee!! I went on a absolute binge watching spree of your videos and I went fully vegan raw till 4 overnight and I’ve been doing so for a solid week! I used to be vegetarian for 3 years then stopped and have been eating meat for the last 2 years but decided I needed a change and did a complete 180 in my diet! thank you so much:)

  11. So I am currently a vegetarian. I really want to become vegan, but parents would not approve. They’re unhappy with me as a vegetarian, but have come to accept it after almost 5 years. As a 14 year old, I have no way to buy my own food, and my parents wont buy food for me. For lunch at school, I always get a water bottle and salad, so eat vegan meals at school. But at home, my parents rarely make vegetarian meals, let alone vegan meals. I make most of my own meals at home, but I have to drink milk, because my parents refuse to buy soy, and my mom uses eggs in everything, such as cookies and cakes etc. I’m looking for advice on how to persuade my parents into letting me be vegan, but also helping me be vegan. Thanks 🙂

  12. I fucking hate her bc I hate how she’s posting pictures of her being skinny and her bragging she is but like why is that needed she can just tell us eat foods to eat and stuff without showing us how skinny she’s gotten

  13. FREELEE WTF??? :O You always say people should not use zucchini noodles to cut on calories and you show us a zucchini noodle recipe??!!? Giiirl whaaat I don’t understand 🙁 still love you tho just explain pls

  14. if Freelee did videos on nutrition, diet tips, and vegan recipes instead of being a bitch and hating on everyone I would like her waaaaayyy more

  15. Are these recipes diabetic friendly? I would like to incorporate more things like this into my diet but want to make sure they are not high in sugar or carbs. 🙂

  16. How is that first recipe supposed to fill you up? You criticised Alisha Marie for noodling Zuchinis without carbs, I’m confused, is the mango supposed to be the carbs?!

    1. I was just about to comment that!! I thought “wait…. she is against others eating them but…. now it’s okay if she does it?”

  17. I just realized
    In the description, it says you dont use shampoo or conditioner

    So what do you use to wash your hair?! 😂😂😂😂

  18. I don’t understand why people dislike Freelee. She’s just trying to get everyone to have the best life possible, yet gets so much hate

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