1. I found your channel yesterday and have been binge watching your videos lol. I was a vegetarian for 5 years, then I stopped about 6 months ago; I’m 18 years old now. Even though I eat meat now (no red meat though), I don’t think it’s for me. As a vegetarian, I was much happier, but I did eat a lot of processed products. Lately, veganism has been speaking to me, but I was concerned about how hard it would be. You make it SO EASY and all the ingredients are simple. Just wanted to send some  love and say thanks for the videos!

  2. Liv I love your videos I can watch them hours on end becuz it’s super calming and helps me get ideas for lunches dinners etc I love your channel and are a happy suscriber!!!

  3. I wanna be vegetarian so bad but I can’t b/c everything in the kitchen has some kind of meat in it. *I start to drink soy milk now b/c I saw the regular milk has passed puss in it😩😩

  4. I want to go vegan but my parents don’t support me and they wouldn’t buy my own foods. I’m planning on going vegan when I move out or when I start working

  5. the pizza in a mug was amazing, I found out that I had to put more than two tablespoons of almond milk in

    1. Its not the animal products that make you sick if uncooked(but they could do so too). Im talking about the flour, which you can get kidney failure for eating if uncooked.

  6. great video, but can i just say please don’t use tin foil for baking or too much alltogether it’s pretty wasteful

  7. I’m eating the pizza in a mug right now!!! Amazing, but the dough is soooo bland! I guess it’s still very good for microwave cuisine

  8. Her eyes is the most beautiful coz it’s big and blue and right in shape.ppl are not seeing her cooking skills everyone is seeing her beautiful face😜🙂

  9. I just found your channel and I want to say I love your videos! 💖 You are so beautiful 🙂 and I love your recipes 😘

  10. It turned out super delicious! Thank you!! I didn’t have all purpose flour, so I used bread flour, and it worked well. I used Ragu’s sauce and it tastes the best! So excited to have pizza as a quick meal from now on! ❤❤❤

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