59 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

  1. These halloumi cakes arent vegetarian as they include eggs for binding. What else can be used as a substitute??

    1. Uuuhhh. Vegetarians eat eggs. It’s only India where vegetarians often don’t eat eggs.

    2. Ok Your expression is kinda rude … with that uuuuh … It was said in a casual manner but now I feel insulted … First off I got my scientific and cultural facts straight.
      a vegetarian diet does not have eggs if you want to say technically then it’s ovo-vegetarian… Yes some groups consider them in vegetarian category some groups think chicken is veg … Some groups think fish is ok in vegetarian diet .also these days eggs are made in a way they they don’t hatch of course we are having vegetarian meats too so you could say they are veg … but coming from a country of largest and oldest vegetarian population strictly speaking a natural egg does not come in veg category or else we would be eating every type of egg. I respect people’s food choices and I have nothing against anyone … In my diet , community egg is non veg so you should respect that… no need to tech me.

  2. I tried this recipe and It came out wrong? I think its because I didn’t cut my chilli on an angle.

  3. He forgot why do people eat vegetables! Everyone should avoid sugar, it ruins your health very slowly.

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  4. Has anyone actually left their tomatoes in overnight at a low temp? Sounds incredulous but I’m curious

  5. Vegetarian chef really eggs THAT’S not a vegetarian diet at all 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤔🤔😁

  6. I just made these and was one of the rare moments when I cook, taste it and have to walk away for a moment of silence

  7. well thats kind of what my mum made wenn she was lazy 😛
    scrabled eggs with carrots and zuchini xD

  8. About to source Ingredients and make this more my vegetarian sister, hope it looks as good as Gordon’s lol

    1. Possibly a ‘flax seed egg’ mix it is often used as equivalent. 1 tbsp ground flax seed mixed with with 3tbsp water stir well and let sit for 5 mins.

      I would recommend a test run as I haven’t used it myself

  9. 希望你未來有空來台灣觀光,這裡全素非常好吃。我是住在台灣中國人。

  10. You know your watching a pro chef when they’re not squeamish about mixing in raw eggs to bind the mix and tasting it to see if more seasoning is required lol

  11. Why put eggs in vegetarian food 😭😭 I was salivating for this, then eggs….. What should I substitute it with??

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