50 thoughts on “AFTER SCHOOL ANTiCS

  1. i absolutely ADORE your family!! your girls are beautiful and so polite and well raised and you can see it! new viewer here, so im excited to subscribe and keep watching 🙂

  2. The things with bread crumbs are called croquetas, they sometimes have ham or tuna in them. Also some have milk/cheese in them too, just a head up x

  3. You guys are going to bed when is still light out? Isn’t it like 6 or 7 Pm? I can’t do that lol I would wake up like at 10 and not be able to sleep again till like 3 am for some reason

  4. I thought that about steaming too but as long as you only use a little water (so nutrients aren’t lost down the sink) and you only partly cook its fine. Apparently steam is hotter than simmering water?? Has anyone else heard this?

  5. Hey guys! I have a question (more a curiosity): are the girls vaccinated? Love your daily vlogs since you moved to Gran canaria!

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