65 thoughts on “Intense Full Body Workout, 70g Protein Vegan Pre/Post Meals & Pancake Recipe | Let’s Get Fit #12

  1. How long do you spend in the gym? This workout looked super long! How do you stop yourself getting bulky and becoming lean and losing fat? (Not that you have any fat!!)

    1. erika wu I reckon she made a mistake writing the recipe. Try it with a tablespoon of flax and two tablespoons of water.

    2. Minseo Kim oops thank you for that!!! Editing at midnight doesn’t help😂 it’s 1 tbsp flax 2 tbsp water. It may be dark if you’re using dark buckwheat flour??

  2. I wish my gym was as empty as yours. My gym is always full and I never get to use the machines I want to use 😔

  3. You’ve inspire me so much! I bought your ebook a few months ago and I love it, I never get tired of any of the meals or desserts! You’ve helped me so much! 🙂 ❤All the love from Mexico!

  4. wow you go ham, love your gym routine!! just I don’t have battle ropes at my schools gym, so I’ll prob sub for some other cardio like mountain climbers or lunges with light weight to get the arm action + cardio in :))

  5. I love your gym routines tess thank u so much!!! 🌸🌸🙏✨
    but if the pre & post were 71 gram protein only then how much did i have the whole day? I eat roughly 50-60% carbs so I think my protein & fat is a ok but I wanna make sure my gym efforts lead to gains! 😀

  6. How can your black beans contain 480 mg of calcium when the default one on cronometer contain about 100 mg of calcium with that amount?

    1. katie I don’t know how much I spend each meal as that’s too annoying to work out hahah (+ it will be different for everyone as some can buy things cheaper or expensive) I spend $80 on groceries for 2 people for the week!

  7. Your videos are my favorite things on YouTube I swear haha. I struggle to get enough calories in as a vegan because I just started working out 3 weeks ago. Thank you for this video it’s so helpful! 💖

  8. i wish i could eat like that! i have always been underweight and for the past few years ive been trying to gain weight and cant so ive been doing more research and it turns out my resting metabolic rate is 2070calories!!!!! wtf…now im trying to eat 2500 calories as a vegan! that isnt easy! ive been doing it for a couple days and its working but damn i wish i had your body

  9. The food looks amazing but I would not be able to eat really large meals like that, I would feel to lethargic and tired afterwards and do tend to eat smaller portions anyway. Do you you need to eat huge meals like that to get all the nutrients you need as a vegan? 😊

    1. Melissa Lloyd I get waaaay over the requirements so no you definitely don’t need to eat such large portions to meet your daily nutrient requirements. I train frequently so I need the extra fuel 🙂

  10. I love your videos, you’re so inspiring! When do you eat your postworkout meal, how long do you wait until the workout? xxx

  11. Hi Tess, which food intake program are you using? I have used it myself but forgot the name and would like to track if I’m meeting the recommendations. Thank you in advance!

    1. NEVER MIND! I found it: CRON-O-Meter. Thank you for being an inspiration for my vegan food and fitness!

  12. Amazing food and workouts! I want to make my body fit and beauty like yours 🙂 (I’m 15 years old girl, vegetarian, from Warsaw, Poland)

  13. Yeahhh girllll! I haven’t seen anyone else do plank raises! Aha they’re soo good!! I’ve had some serious ab gains from doing a circuit with plank raise, push up raise (similar to plank raise, but I don’t know the proper name ), hanging leg raise & hanging knee raises 💪🏼👍🏼 Good stuff, love your videos. 😄

  14. You eat a lot!
    I love that, it makes me feel comfortable with the way that I eat because I eat a lot too haha

  15. Your pancakes always look so amazing !!! I have your ebook and I made your pancakes but they don’t even look as good as yours !!

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