61 thoughts on “CHEESY BRUSSELS SPROUT TOTS | RECIPE?! EP #17 (hot for food)

  1. I’d love if for the title instead of putting the finished recipe she just put like “old Brussels sprouts, vegan parm, and cabbage” or something like just the ingredients

  2. Hmmm… I just got back from vacation and all the food in my fridge went bad, so I’ve got oats, green olives, red curry paste, and coconut oil… any bright ideas?

    1. how about you grind those oats into flour! Use as a breading. Coat in curry paste mixed with some non dairy milk to make a dredge! i dunno πŸ˜€

  3. “recipe?!” or “what random think are we deep frying today?” xD
    I just love this channel so much <3

  4. This reminds me of a dutch deep fried snack called ‘bitterballen (meatbased originally)’, but totally vegan. Amazing

  5. This looks BOMB-ASS good. I think something is up with your website… I’m having a hard time connecting anytime I click on a link to Thought you should know!

  6. I came to check if I was I subscribed because the videos were not in my sub box I guess YouTube is having a glitch

  7. I literally made these as I watched the video, and oh my god. I’ve never eaten Brussels sprouts so fast in my life. I baked them, not because I’m avoiding oil but because I was out. Would have been better fried… LOL

  8. So I tried making these, following the recipe on the blog but for some reason the panko breading would not stick to the brussels!

  9. I made Brussels tots the other day by mixing flour and almond milk for the dredge and crushed corn flakes instead of bread crumbs, I also put nutritional yeast in the corn flakes and I sprayed them with oil and baked them. These are amazing with ranch and I bet avocado ranch would be even better.

  10. Kay I give up. I like your show, but I hate these background sound effects—I find it so annoying. I just cannot listen to it again. This is the only reason you are losing me as a viewer, but it’s just too pervasive.

  11. just finished my first attempt at these… winning! not as pretty as yours but who cares what they look like in my stomach?

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