49 thoughts on “Vegan Transformation | 70 to 90 kg

  1. Thank you for this video! I’m so impressed. I’m gonna start living vegan life and working out in order to make a positive change in my life.

  2. That is a great improvement. Can you please tell me a little about the nutrition? What were the main foods u ate, etc. Wasn’t exhausting to always avoid the animal foods around you? Thanks

  3. of course all the irrational anti-vegans won’t show you transformations like that 😀
    They carefully pick people who undereat and don’t choose the right foods.

  4. Amazing Video!
    Its really inspiring and I hope numerous people realize how strong u actually can be if you just believe in yourselfe

  5. this comment thread is a weird place where vegan hate doesnt exist… why is that? why cant there be any vegan hate comments here? thats a big question…. spread the word!

  6. Humans never needed meat except if there is no other option, Plant-based food provides humans much more strength and antioxidants to fight free radicals in a natural way. You don’t even need to take supplements. Just eat natural and fresh vegetables and do work out, you feel fresh and energetic whole day. I have been vegetarian since my childhood as my family is vagitarian and believe me I have always been stronger than my friends who eat meat allot Whenever they forced me to eat meat and said: “You will be strong eating meat”. My answer was “let’s have a wrist fight and see who is stronger, “of course, don’t do this with someone way stronger than you”, competitions should be between people of equal level. What I mean to say is, the vegetarian diet is much better when it comes to benefits. Whereas meat leads to so many issues.

  7. I eat meat and will continue,I accept my place on the food chain.I resumed fishing and will take up hunting as well.The problem is too many people,mostly too many stupid ones.We’re supposed to be occupied acquiring our food,not speciality diest and lifting weights in an overly structed society.Myself it eased the depression I developed.I no longer go for walks to look at trees to escape.Less going to bars at night and more striper fishing at night.(before covid anyway)I’m out there more to acquire food to put on my table and it has made me thinner and more fit.I see walkers and joggers and more and more it resembles a cult to me.Myslef I bounce between some pushups,chin ups,punching the heavy bag,stretching and that’s it(and only to make up for my lack of physical activity at work,at best I spend 2hrs a week working out)I also have a little garden.Not sure why I’m posting here but I can say it has made me feel more whole and that there’s alternatives to gyms and special diets and the over socialized scenes.I chose some nomad activities on my free time and it works for me.At 51 I can do 12 chin-ups and about 280lbs bench press without any real workout schedule or weight training,not too bad.

  8. You are so light for how big you are. I’m 168 cm 20 cm shorter than you and was 86kg last year. but didn’t l look anything like that😂

    He must be really lean.

  9. Amazing. Fellow vegan bodybuilder here. I have the tall lean natural build like you and I’m currently on my first vegan bulk. Great video. Much love 🤍

  10. Keep working, maybe one day you will elvolve. You hair turn green, your skin turn brown. Then you become a super-tree.
    Youre so great, by the way

  11. Hey man!

    I’m on a cut right now, I want to get sub 10% body fat before bulking, I was wondering did you do a series of cutting and bulking phases or did you just straight bulk the whole 2 years and got your results ?

  12. Dude what an amazing transformation. You gave your body what it needed. Lots of oxygen, fiber and vitamins and minerals. The way we were intended too eat , thanks for sharing!

  13. I m on an actual 70-73kg at 1.90 and i would really appreciate i you could drop us some hints. Like how many lunch breaks u had a day, how much did u eat etc. Thank you lots and keep the good work ^^

  14. As a vegan, thank you for being such a beautiful example. What a transformation! “A real compassionate fighter” 👏👏👏

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