70 thoughts on “Fat Burning Circuit Workout + What I Eat In A Day #97 Vegan

  1. Most asked question “how many days per week do you exercise”… I train around 5 days per week, sometimes more or less, depends on how I’m feeling. I train for 40-60mins 🙂 Thanks for watching!!!! The workout routine is written in the description.

  2. Hi, love your videos!
    Are you actually in uni or have a job besides social media? Or is social media your full-time job at the moment?

  3. Im not lying, Tess, ive never seen any girl who is hard working, healthy and also has a beautiful body like you. I swear. Keep up your good work!

  4. I used to do skipping in primary school for a charity called ‘jump rope for heart’ 🤗 watching you do it brought back memories. I wonder I can still do double unders hahah 🤔

  5. How strange! I just saw that I had been unsubscribed from your channel. This has happened with other channels too where I notice that I haven’t seen any vids from a channel in a time- to discover that I had been unsubscribed from it. Weird 😮

  6. Wow your work out is intense!!!! Do you also use machines at the gym? I just started to work out, would love to see your gym routine! 🙂

    1. alaskajoy I do weight training and hiit cardio 🙂 check out my other workout videos and my updated fitness q&a video

  7. Just did it!! Did 2 rounds, some of the exercises I didn’t know if when there are 20 reps for example commandos, did you make 20 each side (total 40) or 20 total (10 each side) I had to do variations like push up jump in-out from my knees. Really like it, this is my kind of workout!! 😜 thanks!

    1. +Tess Begg perfect! So I did it right haha! Hey Tess! Can you do a video about sleep? I am having some problems to keep sleep all night, have hear that maybe is because late dinner… What time do you eat dinner and then go to sleep? Sorry for the weird questions haha but I am frustrated because I can’t sleep well!

  8. After looking at your workout, I thought, yaaayyyy no crazy repetitions. Then you typed “I did this twice” and I died inside. Your video made me put my workout gear on my lazy ass and break a sweat! You’re fitness goals tbh 🙂 LOVE THESE

  9. I’m thinking about going vegan from vegetarian, but I’m afraid because I don’t like most veggies to the point I can’t swallow them normally…. but your food looks so delicious I want to try it out! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  10. You are the master of ground workouts! Amazing how many workouts you can do with such a small space. Inspiring!

  11. does your body look different after you eat? I know it may be a silly question but sometimes i see people and their body looks the same and mine gets a little bloated after!

    1. Sfarr my stomach expands after eating which is normal, happens to everyone but it goes down within an hour, depends what I eat too but I rarely gets super bloated from eating

  12. I just got your ebook and am so excited!! In your Let’s Get Fit Video #2, you made raspberry pancakes that you said was in the ebook, but I don’t see it…Could you help me out love? <3

    1. Lauren Goldie Thanks!! There’s banana and berry pancakes or just the plain pancakes and I add berries to the mix 🙂

  13. I was wondering how many W power is your blender? 🤔 Thank you for inspiring me for beeing even healthier! 🤗😚😚

  14. Been doing your keep fit workouts these last two weeks, and loving them! Just did this one this morning and had a big acai bowl after, feeling so good! One question? Do you think you could put the weights you use in the videos, it’s really helpful! Thanks !!

    1. Laurx.a thank you!! Glad you like them 💛💛 I sure can but for what reason exactly? How would the weight amount be beneficial 🙂

    2. I never used to do any weight training so I’m not sure whether you should just be doing the heaviest possible or slightly lighter, just as a rough guide I guess!

    3. Laurx.a I’ve been training for almost 3 years with weights so the amount I use is going to be different to a beginner of just in general others. Everyone should base the amount of weight on them self and what they are comfortable with. Because I could eg bench 35-40kg but someone else (and myself when I began) can only bench 15-20kg. So just try it all out yourself, start moderate light and then get comfortable with your form and movements and slowly up the amount of weight. You want the last 2-3 reps to be kinda difficult but you can still push through😊

  15. Super impressive. Maybe one day I will make it to the gym. For now I will stick to eating delicious vegan foods.

    1. Anjana Bafna Been busy looking after my grandmas blind dog as she just had surgery. Haven’t been home to film anything or time to edit, will post something tomorrow night though 😊

  16. This is definitely my new workout routine! Also that food looks next level delicious. Keep up the great work Tess <3

  17. More breakfast ideas besides smoothies ? Smoothies n smoothie bowls make me sick in the morning, i need more of a carb like breads etc.

  18. hey girl! i absolutely love your videos and workouts!!! i am into fitness too, would you mind check mine out ??? lots of love from mexico !

    1. H Moller this is my cardio, it’s a high intensity workout 🙂 Other types of cardio I do is boxing and occasionally running outdoors😊

  19. One of my favorite videos!!! <3 Lots of love from another island girl across the other side of the world!!! (Cyprus ^_^ )

  20. Every time I watch ur vids I wanna eat a smoothie bowl 😋😋 gonna make one for breakfast tomorrow

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