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  1. I just found this channel and I freaking love you guys 😭😭😭 these look so good can u come to my house and make these! Haha I will definitely be making like all of your recipes this summer !!! I love you! From cali ❤️

  2. I subscribe to so many vegan channels but I’m not vegan 😂 I just do like a 50/50 ratio type thing. I wish I could completely commit but old habits die hard. Still trying though

  3. So I work at taco bell and we get the chicken in a patty form, thaw it, and when it’s time to cook it we fold it in half and fry it in a mold.

  4. Guys you are AMAZING! Just found your channel and I’m in love! I’m currently vegetarian but I’m planning to become vegan and your recipes are very inspiring! Everything looks so great and interesting! I think I’m going to be showing you channel to each and every persone who’s going to say “what do vegans even eat, like grass or something?”

    1. I will at some point, but at the moment I live in dorms in Serbia (where people eat meat like 3 times a day with some more meat on the side, even meat stuffed with meat!) and don’t have a proper kitchen and some of the products you use

  5. OKAY QUESTION VEGAN FRIENDS! I’m still newly vegan (5ish months) and I like almost all replacements besides cheese. Daiya cheese is so weird/gross to me… although I do LOVE some cashew cheese stuffed ravioli’s I get at a vegan restaurant. But my question is, has anyone tried this cheese that lauren used? or made HforF nacho cheese? I want to try lauren’s fries so bad but I don’t want them to be a flop if the cheese tastes like daiya :/ Thanks in advanced!!

    1. PS Lauren and John I love you guys!! I’ve been following you since the beginning of my vegan journey and you bring so much fun into my diet/life 🙂

  6. You guys are real deal cooks. Love that I can watch your channel, instead of settling for mainstream cooking channels. This is so much more fun and in line with my values. Love what you do!!! Thank you <3 <3 <3

  7. Actually, soaking the cut potatoes doesn’t just stop them from browning, it also helps them to release some of their starch which helps the fries get crisper when you cook them.

  8. I work at taco bell and if you were wondering the chicken at taco bell is not pre formed. It comes to us frozen, gets thawed in the fridge for a couple of days and then is fried using a special mold that they use for the chalupas 🙂

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