16 thoughts on “Vegan Travel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Love Love Love the idea of vegan travel and what to eat/do. I’m so glad I came across you guys!! Subscribed!

    1. We can definitely understand how many people would think that it would be tough to travel on a vegan diet. We have been to over 40 countries since going vegan and we have never faced any problems with not having food to eat. From Curacao, Mexico, Egypt, Armenia, to Japan. There is always fresh fruit and Veggies if you get stuck 🙂

      Thanks so much for subscribing!!

    2. That’s one thing I’ve always worried a bit about if I happen to travel overseas. The language barrier is one thing, and quite another to have a semi-strict diet!

    3. Thanks for the subscribe! We hope you enjoy following along, and are inspired by how easy it is to travel the world compassionately!

    1. Thailand is our second home so if you have any questions or want some recommendations please don’t hesitate to ask. We are currently in Chiang Mai for 3 months and we will be back at the beginning of 2018 for 9 months. Can’t get enough of this place. Look forward to hearing about this epic 2018 trip!!!

    2. Middle of Europe… last year I went to Thailand for a month in winter and it was just a blessing ^^ I damn miss south East Asia and there is no chance to go there this year but we planning epic holiday in 2018 😀

    1. We agree – Giselle and Cody really are two of the most compassionate and nicest people you could ever hope to know.

  2. Truly very interesting modern – historic heritage – nature – urban views! And the vegan – vegetarian Paradise at the Buddhist Temple!!! I wish all the airlines would be conforming to such vegan bountiful options and culinary inventiveness!!! Such a nice trip! Merci beacoup! Tres tres tres beacoup!!!

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