53 thoughts on “WHAT I ATE TODAY & SHOULDER WORKOUT // VEGAN BULK EP. 6. (Macros Included)

  1. As a fellow Scottish person, the way you talk is fake as shit. Just relax and talk how you would to your family. (not trying to have a go or anything, I like your content) I just think Scottish people trying to talk all “proper” is cringe as fuck.

    1. Jamie Purdie I am also Scottish and I think we have so many different accents. On my channel you can hear mine, and it’s nothing like a typical Glaswegian. All depends what accents you’ve been around 🙂

  2. Can see the effort you put into this video Stef! Stepping up that editing game! Loved it and you as always 😀

  3. Does the vegan duck taste like duck? Ive never been able to bring myself to have duck but I would be willing to try vegan duck (not that we have it where I live lol), seems scary haha

  4. Is arching your back like that on overhead DB press a good thing? I’ve never been sure! Loved this video though (:

  5. Stefanie, quick question … I’m trying to find some good info on how much protein is really necessary as I’m newly veggie but am also an athlete! Can you direct me to one of your videos that speaks on this? If not, any good sources I should check out? Thanks so much
    And of course if anyone else reading this has anything helpful, please do tell!!

  6. if u guys want crazy benefits try getting all your calories from 1 meal a day along with a vegan diet, its amazing to say the least

  7. I am vegetarian, and my goal is to become vegan before my birthday! I already cut out egg, but all I need to cut out is dairy. Does anyone have any advice? My birthday is in 2 months!

    1. u7hyhyty6htjh Educate yourself about the dairy industry to stay motivated, buy vegan alternatives (almond/soy/oat/rice/coconut milk or cheese or ice cream), and just lower the amount of dairy you consume everyday! Good luck and lots of love 😊

  8. Hello! I was just wondering if someone can help me with something. Today I went to the doctors and they said that I was very underweight, so I have to have a blood test this week to check that everything is ok. I will admit that I am not eating that much, but I only eat when I’m hungry! I’m 15 and I really want to gain muscle and have more of a muscular figure than a typical “feminine” one. I’m 5″3 and 85lbs, which I know is extremely unhealthy, but I still have the belly fat that causes me to feel like crap throughout that day. I went through a phase of barely eating at school and only having dinner as I thought that it was the healthiest thing to do, but now I realise that it’s not at all. However, I think that I’m struggling with bulimia. Whenever I eat anything, I instantly feel guilty and next thing I know: I’m upstairs crying my eyes out. If someone is able to help me build muscle, gain lean weight and overcome my illness, please DM me on Instagram – @liilyshipp . Thank you

  9. I love you stef!!! Great video as always 😉 I would love to see a vid of you talking about the different vegan protein sources (not just supplements), and what are the best foods to achieve your daily protein intake. Lots of love 💜

  10. Do u wait till ur actually hungry to eat dessert or eat even when not like had two almond flour wraps with turkey and lettuce a huge piece of squash and a Japanese potato but then wanted dessert so had yogurt with scoop of protein!

  11. I like seeing the macros!!! Honestly the editing of your gym sesh was kinda tacky… I’d rather just watch the raw footage. Thanks though for making your videos, I love watching them! You are an inspiration for vegans and people who are trying to make those GAINZ 🙂

  12. If you feel like your about to get sick, lay off the chocolate for a few days…caffeine is an immune suppressant and chocolate has caffeine. I never use any sort of stimulant when I feel a cold coming on, speeding up when you should be slowing down is a mean trick to play on your body when it needs to heal. No shade, you have a pretty great diet and chocolate is fine but not when you’re sick.

  13. Hi! Can someone please tell me the name of the song in the gym session part of the video ? I love it !
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. yessss someone else who has a focused mean mug while lifting 🙂 ppl comment on how mean i look while lifting all the time lol

  15. If people want to try out a fun sort I suggest roller derby, I’ve been playing it for 2 years and I love it because I love skating, it improves my endurance and strength plus it takes out all of my anger

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