1. damn, I love your channel so much! you inspired me to go vegan and now I am vegan for about 1.5 months!
    I use a lot of your recipes and teaching my parents anout veganism and showing your videos to others who are interested!


  2. Bonny I love oil pulling too! A tip that might help you too – I add peppermint essential oil to my coconut oil and it makes the oil pulling so much more enjoyable! And super minty fresh! Also it is really good to rinse your mouth after with water with some salt in it, as that removes the oil and last traces of oil πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work, your teeth will love you! xx

  3. I can’t wait to go watch Lion! It was released last Thursday where I live. Loved how you inserted the Cowspiracy photos after eating that vegan fish. Wish it were such a global thing as mc donalds is, I wanna be able to have vegan fish here! However, I’m doing good with my veggies πŸ™‚ sending love! It was a really nice video πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  4. She seems soooo happy and free and not weighed down by anything negative. Such an inspiration. She just seems like she lives such an authentically enjoyable life and you can tell all the joy in her life comes from non-material things. I strive to be more like this!!

  5. Does anyone know, is it Gardein fishless fillets they use at Bliss and Chips? It looked exactly like the Gardein ones I cook at home

  6. have you been to source bulk foods? its amazing and zero waste so you can buy in bulk πŸ™‚ its also organic

  7. Tim teaches Bonny about veganism, Bonny teaches Tim to drive.
    If that isn’t goals, I don’t know what is ❀❀

  8. I loved this blog! What is the name of the movie? haha my non-english-speaking ears cannot grab it from the video

  9. I love how you guys can buy fruit and veg without so much packaging. Here in Ireland they are all already prepackaged in lots of plastic its so annoying! #zerowastelifestyle .. you guys are the cutest couple every and your skin is glowinnn

    1. It’s coconut oil. If you swish it around in your mouth for like 15 minutes, the oil pulls out all the stuff that your toothbrush can’t get, etc.

  10. Do you have to put anything around your camera to make it waterproof, or is vlogging camera waterproof? LOVE all of your videos!

  11. For the next month I’m proving to my mom and dad that you can lose weight on healthy carbs and not meat. Hahaha and my mom is gonna try and lose weight on protein and we’ll see who wins!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. I got my driving license for about 3 years now but had never someone to teach me neither did I have a car to learn so now I am afraid of trying and refreshing my license

  13. Bonny! Amazing video you look glowing! And the oil pulling, is it working? And do you do it instead of brushing teeth or do you do both? Love you :))

  14. Hi Bonny I just saw your snap of your “pre dinner salad” with the smashed avocado on top and I must know what the lettuce is that you always use? It looks so good. Is it butter lettuce?

  15. great movie! fun fact, I am from the same orphanage as him and met his mum last year at our orphanage reunion! definitely shed some tears throughout the movie!

  16. I think it is soooo strange that you are allowed to drive without a license ce in your country! And that you can teach people if you have a license. Here in the Netherlands you have to follow like 20-30 1-hour classes from a driving school and they will decide when you’re ready for your exam. The instructor car where they teach you in has extra brakes so it can be stopped quickly in case the student is speeding or not stopping. It costs a lot of money though.

    1. In the U.S. we have to get a permit to drive with someone with a license, that person has to have had their license for a few years, and you also have to take hours upon hours of classes! Luckily when I got my license the rules were different and I just paid $200 US and took a three hour driving “course” and waited 6 months and got my license.
      – Lucas

  17. Love your account, it inspired me to make my own. Just uploaded my first video — Please check it out! πŸ™‚ xx

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