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  1. Casual meal prep today — should I do a more formal one next time? (I.e. more specific recipes, portions and step-by-step voiceover.) Next meal prep I will save my receipts and show you how cheap this can be! Hope you all have THE BEST weekend. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen when your eyes burn from onions try opening the freezer and lean in it for a bit

    2. Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen I think mix and match your videos. I personally like seeing new ideas and then experimenting on my own. 😁

  2. Hey Sarah new subscriber to ur channel love the vids you look amazing so my request is can you make quinoa and spinach and tofu soup you can use cumin and chives and nutritional yeast or parsley and sea salt or Himalayan pink salt of course with garlic and colorful veggies 💪💗💗💋love you

  3. Hey Sarah! New subscriber here 🙂 Would like to know more about the person behind this channel, so can’t you do a video where we get to know you better? how old you are, where you live and how long time you’ve been a vegan. Thanks, take care!

    1. I don’t. Maybe in the future, if I have any specific physique goals, but right now I’m pretty intuitive with my diet/training.

  4. I watch all ur videos with my 4 and 2 year old daughters. we were at Walmart today and bought a lemon squeezer my 4 year old daughter got super excited and goes “MOM that’s just like the one from Sarah’s Vegan kitchen! can I use it too?” haha ❤

    1. That’s so cool! My love of cooking started when I was very little too. 🙂 I have so many happy memories of cooking with my dad. Though I don’t think I touched tofu till I was in high school!

    2. I let my daughter pick one YouTube video before bed and she is always asking to watch you. Even though we have seen them all! Haha so I just show her pictures from your IG. she loves cooking. We are not totally vegan but love cooking vegan dishes. My girls are both obsessed with tofu. I’m happy you enjoyed the comment. We look forward to your videos 😁

    3. Ahh this melts my heart. By far one of my favorite comments I’ve ever received — had to screenshot and send to my mom. <3 Thank you so much.

  5. So I found your chanel some time ago on the recomended page, and have been watching a lot of your videos since then. For some time now I have been trying to eat more vegetarian food and vegan as well, and you have really been inspiring me to do so even more. Everything you cook looks super tasty and you have this really nice attitude that shines trough. So great work, and thank you for all the inspo! 🙂

  6. ok ok ok….you have inspired me to become vegan! I took one look at your stomach and it changed my life! lol

  7. I am always inspired by what you cook and how well you explain everything. It would be great if you could post recipes. Thanks!!

  8. Sarah have you discovered what’s been causing your acne?? Have you found anything that helps?? I eat SO clean too and can’t figure out why I would have this problem!! Love your channel so much, xo

  9. I made your curry recipe last night and it turned out fantastic! I’m not vegan, but I’m trying transition. Can you do videos on vegan breakfast?

  10. sarah youre my favorite vegan!!! im a fan girl and i love your videos so muchhhh. I’m staying at my grandparents for a month in korea and finding it so hard to eat healthy…. any advice?

    1. I relate — every time I visit my mom I have trouble staying on track too. Usually I just try to keep it really simple b/c she doesn’t have a lot of room in her fridge. I have a few go-to meals any time I travel, usually steel cut oats with some frozen fruit and peanut/almond butter, baked potatoes with salad, bean and rice burritos with salsa and avocado etc. If we go out (I feel like I eat out more often than usual when I’m visiting family) I usually go for veggie sushi or veggie pho.

  11. great video, it really appeals to me because I want to change my eating habits (all the carbs!). I’ll have low sugar museli and a banana for breakfast, a sandwich and salad for lunch and for tea something saucy and vegetabley with carbs (potato or noodles or rice or pasta) for tea. So maybe grains/starch/protein is a good way to shift some carbs away from my routine.

    1. I have felt really good since I started eating more protein from tofu, beans and a handful of nuts/seeds here and there. I used to really shy away from protein and fats and I felt like a bottomless pit sometimes!

  12. I have the same rice cooker!

    I recently made Vietnamese style picked daikon and carrots and I’m obsessed with adding them to pita sandwiches with butter lettuce, thinly sliced cucumber, tomato, and whatever else I have around with a spicy mayo/sambal dressing. YUM.

    1. They’re so good! First time I made them was for veggie banh mi inspired sandwiches and now I like to always have some in my fridge. 🙂

  13. I like the casual video but I’m biased! Omg now I have to pickle carrots for my salads so genius! Great tofu talk!

  14. “Then your hands don’t smell like garlic, but your souls still will.”
    The quote I’m gonna put on my gravestone.

  15. Thank you for the ideas Sarah! I’m struggling with coming up with dishes for my meal prep… this one helps 😀

    1. Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen it’s my favorite game too! I was actually summoner Yuna at a convention last year. 😊

    2. So glad! Also omg your profile pic — FFX is my fave game OF ALL TIME. One Halloween I dressed up as summoner Yuna. 😛

  16. This was the best meal prep video I have watched so far! You made it look so easy while also making delicious, filling meals. I have one question though: while you were using your rice cooker, did you use the slow cooker setting or the actual rice cooking setting to cook all the vegetables along with the rice?

  17. The thing about meal prepping is I’m always concerned with how long things will store. But I liked how you made a whole bunch of different dishes in an afternoon – seems like an easy way to be able to eat healthier, if you can prep things in advance. Also cheaper, if you can buy things in big packs and know they won’t go to waste. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I’m looking for ways to introduce more veggies into my diet. (I don’t eat lots of meat, but I eat carbs out the wazoo. Need to add more tasty veggies and alternative proteins.)

    How long do these store? Do they freeze well? How do you freeze them?

    1. Thanks for replying! I’ll have to keep that in mind for the fresh veggies – I like salads, but salad stuff never seems to last. If I do salad prep twice a week, then maybe that’ll keep me in fresh veggies for most of the week. And thanks for the tip about airtight containers. I’ll have to pick me up some portioned ones to freeze with. ^^

    2. Hey! You can freeze most soups/stews and grain-based dishes (rice, quinoa, steel-cut oats etc.) in airtight containers. I finished these within 5 days (but I don’t mind repetition so I was eating the same things breakfast, lunch and dinner) with the exception of some of the quinoa I froze. The uncooked veggies I try to eat within 3 days though, or they start to oxidize.

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