64 thoughts on “VEGAN TASTE TEST

  1. It’s funny because I just heard of Vegan Cuts this morning, and then I saw your video, and your doing a taste test of one of the boxes xD!

  2. Amazing video!! Rose your eyes look so shiny☄. That together with your beautiful haircolour makes you look so cute haha❤

  3. Again I wish I could quickly snatch some of those snacks while you’re not looking!! Those look soooo delicous! ♥

  4. Is it true that eating vegan can make you lose weight or do you still have to worry about calorie counting and exercising… I’m constantly told that I wouldn’t be so fat if I went vegan and ate things that my body actually needs…so here I am. on the journey to become vegan.. but just wondering if what I was told is true..

    1. Lacie&BehBehGirl I’ve no qualifications or whatever to properly answer but i don’t think being vegan in itself makes you lose weight. if you eat similar foods to your old diet, a lot of substitutes and the same amount of calories you won’t lose weight. I didn’t lose any when I went vegan (I didn’t want or try to). however, I think changing your diet makes you think more about what you’re eating, so if you plan healthy vegan meals I think it’ll be easier to lose weight than if you planned healthy non vegan meals. also, you should always exercise if you can! what diet you’re eating doesn’t make a difference, but you won’t have to count calories if you eat a fairly healthy vegan diet. a good channel with real & non biased information about veganism for health is mic. the vegan

  5. Omg! Beanitos! In Texas I find several flavors of them, I love them all! You have to try them with salsa instead of alone, but I’m pretty sure that that is what made me gain about half of the weight I lost….
    Then again, you are young, & I’m right about to be 43, so you can get away with it. I rapidly lost 25 pounds when I first went vegan, but unfortunately, I’ve gained half of it back. Boo!

  6. Your hair is bomb AF but maybe blend your bronze and contour a bit more or use a lighter hand? No hate. Just a suggestion. Love your channel.

  7. I really want to try those fruit gummies! Especially if they reminder you of gushers! That was a childhood fav of mine!

    1. don’t get me wrong, i haven’t had gushers for years so I could’ve been completely off haha i think it was the sticky texture. But the gummies were yummy regardless 🙂

  8. Girl, what are you wearing on your lips (gloss, lipstick, etc.) it looks so good! and I know its cruelty free!

  9. can u buy these foods online anywhere? i dont want to get a subscription box cus im a poor bish lol but i want to try some of these foods.

  10. omg!! the nut butter!! If you have extra spending cash, you should buy that brand’s blueberry cinnamon cashew butter. IT. IS. SO KILLER.

  11. Can I just say.. I bought your e-book a few weeks ago and I’m OBSESSED. I can tell you put so much hard work into it but you had a lot of fun at the same time. The recipes are unique, well thought out and most importantly, easy! I’ve purchased a few e-books from vegan youtubers and yours by far is my favorite. I hope you put out another one someday!

  12. that kind of cookie pie thing looks like a fig newton cookie! I used to eat those all the time when I wasn’t vegan

  13. directions: “swallow 1 gel cap with liquid.” rose: *dry swallows* 😂 those caramels and nut butter though 😍😍😍

  14. Just found your channel, kind of binged watched 8 videos hahah great content, subbed! By the way that hair colour is ON POINT!

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