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  1. Sarah, just came across this video and these sunnies look exactly like the ones you just released wit white fox boutique, the secret admirer! guessing these were your inspo!

  2. Just watching all your vids again cause I’m a sezzy fan 👌🏼 and it’s so weird watching you talking about moving out with kurt and being worried and to think now your almost about to have your little bubba and your channel hit a milli 🥳🙌🏼💕

  3. All these vegans are triggered!! Like jeez it’s her life. No wonder vegans have a bad name, I always hear people saying how vegans are crazy and they shame you for not being vegan and they constantly shove veganism down your throat

  4. I am watching this video on march 20th of 2019, which is almost exactly two years after this video. Now you have a baby due in a few days with Kurt and you’ve become even more awesome!!!!

  5. watching this two years later hearing you talk about being skeptical about moving in with kurt and now youre waiting for baby boy living in beautiful apartment with kurt (‘: my heart is full for you

  6. This randomly popped up in my recommended and it is so cute!!! “Ohh I don’t know, should I move in with Kurt, we’ve only been together 4 months… but when you know, you know.” I guess you knew! <3

  7. Watching this now (again) and you’ve just had little Fox Ocean Tilse! My heart is full for you and Kurt and the beautiful life you built together.

  8. sorry you couldn’t sustain a plant based diet. nuts and seeds are high in calories, protein and fat, they’re extremely important to incorporate especially if you want balanced omega 3 and 6 levels. hemp seeds and nut butters are perfect for being satiated, i don’t think you ate enough calories to begin with. and having a protein source is an absolute must for staying satiated. beans, lentils, tofu, seitan, protein powders. you needed that. it’s not just about eating vegetables. congrats for having clear skin though / / / just noticed you are intollerant to soy oops lol, but yeah pea protein powder is a complete protein. hemp protein powder is a complete protein as well.

  9. Woah her channel used to be really different. She was really struggling. It’s nice to see she’s found balance now💗

  10. watching this video now and hearing her talk about Kurt knowing they now have a child together….. so cute

  11. I know i am super late 🤦‍♀️ but I just wanted to say there is no “right” way of eating vegan: veganism is just about the ethics. So you can eat junk all day, eat a high carb low fat diet, eat a paleo vegan style diet, keto vegan, etc. Basically you can arrange your macros however you want. I personally eat more of a paleo style vegan diet simply because I feel like I thrive on this type of diet. I look fit, feel great, etc. I did the 80/10/10 for a while in the beginning and hated it! (Flexitarian for the planet and health for 4 years, and vegan for over 2!) Just so you know, because I know a lot of people who dont understand this and end up quiting, or not even starting. A healthy example for a general population would be the Canadian health food guide way of being vegan. Very balanced and easy. Anyways, best wishes with baby Fox! Your family is adorable, funny and solid! ❤❤❤

  12. It actually takes years to get to know your own body and figure out what foods are right for your body. It took a decade to figure out my own body and eat vegan without fainting. You do you. Love your channel!!!

  13. Ok, so you’re not vegan anymore.. but why eat lamb? It’s a baby.. an animal baby.. you could eat a fully grown animal’s flesh instead. Eating lamb and calf is so unnecessarily cruel..

  14. “Am I too real”.. yet she deletes any comment that goes against what she is saying.

    Also, if your mum was murdered, does it make it OK that she was treated well before hand?

    Some of her videos are so cringe. Eek.

  15. Those vegans complaining about animal cruelty have never seen a kamodo dragon catch its food. Now that’s cruel..😔

  16. 13:35: “… there are some abattoirs and places that are horrible for animals.” Yes, don’t you see, dummy, usually animals love slaughterhouses, just not the bad ones.

    1. And rats and mice usually love combine harvesters mowing them up, destroying their homes.

      Stop being a vegan soyboy and grow a pair

    2. @RcH_94And what you’ve said is relevant to what I said how?

      Anyway, because indirectly killing a small number of animals to process plant foods on the large scale that’s necessary for the continuation of the human race is totally the same thing as mass-raising animals for slaughter and consumption.

      Get off the plantation and think for yourself, dummy.

    3. @Jay Cartwright Aww, did i hurt you widdle soyboy vegan feelings. Boo hoo. The poor animals.

      Lol. Fuck the animals. You’re depriving your body of essential nutrients and minerals. By saying youre gonna start a vegan journey, you may aswell call it a malnutrition journey.

      *Per 100 grams*

      •Calcium: 3mg
      •Vitamin D: None
      •Vitamin A: None
      •Vitamin E: 0.37mg
      •Vitamin C: 7mg
      •Vitamin B12: None

      •Calcium: 3.3mg
      •Vitamin D: None
      •Vitamin A: None
      •Vitamin E: .11mg
      •Vitamin C: 6.0mg
      •Vitamin B12: None

      _Beef Liver_
      •Calcium: 11mg
      •Vitamin D: 19IU
      •Vitamin A: 53,400IU
      •Vitamin E: 0.63mg
      •Vitamin C: 27mg
      •Vitamin B12: 111.3mg

      This clearly shows that meat is superior to your shitty, pesticide sprayed vegetables. Also the phytic acid prevents you from absorbing fully, so you’re not even getting the amount, stated in the table.

      Health and nutrition > Saving some animal that couldnt care less.

      Its nature, deal with it soyboy

  17. Watching this 3 years later, watching you be sceptical about moving out with Kurt and everything and now you’re engaged to Kurt and have a babyyyy❤

  18. It’s amazing how stabbing a cow in the throat is justified when one farmer “loved” a cow for a few months…then she goes and supports factory farming.

  19. Hi Sarah, on my second day of binge watching your videos right now! I struggle with being overly strict in myself (which obviously I can’t sustain) and then beat myself soooo bad that I then go into weeks of rebound. What are your tips for overcoming this? Anyone else struggle with this or just me? X

    1. For years!! But its an every day process that you can come out of over time. Be patient and kind to yourself, you got this. Something that really helped me was to allow myself to have more of a variety of foods to reduce the need to binge- if that makes sense. And if I did binge, to not punish myself as the next day is a new day to make better choices that would make me feel good. best of luck!

    2. Sarah Anne thank you for reaching out. I’m doing well at the moment but I agree it is a process that takes time, one day at a time xx

  20. Need some inspiration to keep healthy during this “iso” (I’m using the Aussie lingo 😉), so I’m revisiting your old videos. It’s so cute seeing your and Kurt’s relationship at its early stages. To think you were nervous about moving in here and now you’re engaged and little Foxie is 1! ❤️

  21. Most of those slaughterhouse clips come from third world countries, when you see how cows are raised in Australia they are happy and healthy in their natural environment and are good for the environment and improve the quality and salinity of the soil. We would be screwed without cows and their meat is nutritious. Veganism is bad for health and the environment

  22. Watching Sarah talk about her 4 month relationship with Kurt days after they got married and have a kid wow

  23. I had to go Vegetarian, no dairy no fish because I was losing my memory:( I added eggs to my diet and feel like my energy and brain energy came back. I also have low iron and I was supplementing a ton! I got tired of eating supplements all the time like 10-15 vitamins every day! I wanted to change my way of living so I wasn’t living in a dreary memory loss life.

  24. Eat how you want, but dont try to pretend eating meat is humane, no matter how the animals are living before they die for your meal!

  25. It’s good you don’t have dairy. Dairy is the worst animal product for us, it’s terrible for the planet and so so cruel to cows too. Dairy isn’t designed for human consumption, we are not designed to consume it!

  26. Watching you fret about whether yours and Kurt’s “love bubble” is going to explode is SO funny now that you’re married with a beautiful baby boy. Like you said, when you know, you know!

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