50 thoughts on “Spin Instructor Day in my Life | VEGAN What I Eat in a Day #2

  1. Is there any way you can make those playlists public? omg id love to listen to them while i workout they seem so good!

  2. apple seeds aren’t toxic unless you eat tons and tons of them. In fact, you can actually eat the whole core of an apple if you really please.

  3. When I eat an apple I eat the whole thing and I eat some of the seeds all the time, and I’m fine. You’d have to feed someone a lot of them for it to have any affect.

  4. Since the egg is a binding ingredient in the pancakes could you use a nut butter to replace it?

  5. So random and I don’t know if you will see this but I love your headboard, where did you get that from?

  6. I really want to go to a spin class at my local gym but I honestly have no idea what to even wear or do or anything lol, do you have any tips?

  7. apple seeds arenโ€™t completely toxic unless you ate like hundreds of them at once. they have small traces of arsenic in them so you have to be careful with it. but overall it wont hurt you unless you eat it in bulk amounts! haha

  8. Even though I am struggling with my weight right now, I came by this video by accident. I used to swim at 5 am for two hours. This video has motivated me to get back with it! Thank You!!

  9. Free Lee made a video about you and she turned off her comments.. That was weak.. Her video and how she was bullying you disgusted me.

  10. Any tips for teaching a spin class?? I audition on Friday for the spot and Iโ€™m so nervous! Also any music favorites? Nothing explicit where I work.

  11. I know youโ€™re not vegan anymore but I was looking back on your old vegan videos. If youโ€™re loving eating meat and dairy more power to you BUT I see what the problem was. If u are wondering how u gained weight like u said all the food just cling to you. Well I see how. You were eating a lot of processed vegan junk food and a lot of sugar in granola ect., and also portion sizes were a tad bit much like just a smoothie OR pancakes. Just my advice. It might work for u again if u tried just pure foods however if u feel best and wish to eat meat and dairy then you do you, and I donโ€™t judge just trying to help ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Trying to watch your videos to get motivated. I have such anxiety about going to group classes. So I joined a new gym and went to my first spin class and loved it and they instructor told me I did really good and didnโ€™t look like was my first class. I think my technique is not totally right and I was gripping the bike too hard. But yeah I need to keep my momentum and keep doing classes or else I will get to scared to go back. I have a class Monday hopefully i will get to go!

  13. Hiii!! I’m new.. sorry I’m like late to the party. I love your videos. Thanks for showing us your day, your food shop pickups and how you make your playlists! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. For your pancakes I would recommend putting the oats in your blender to create flour. Add baking powder to as well as almond milk (I put oat milk cuz itโ€™s my fave!) and egg replacement and banana and agave. You can blend the oats first into flour which take like 5 seconds and then add the other ingredients into flour and they become the best pancakes you will ever eat! X

  15. Just found your channel and discovered you’re vegan too. Love it! You’re adorable. You can make similar pancakes by blending (in your Ninja): oats, bananas, almond milk. It gives a thick, but creamy consistency like normal batter, then you can mix in chocolate chips, or other fixin’s, and cook like regular pancakes. They are just like the real thing and SO good!!! Just another idea.

  16. Apple seeds have cyanide, but not enough to poisin someone, youd have to eat a LOT. So do cherry pits and almonds.

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