14 thoughts on “VeganTravel’s Taste of Toronto

  1. The Big Smoke – my home! Great compilation of restaurants and bakeries. You’ll have to try Tori’s Bakeshop and Live Organic Food Bar next time you’re in town! 👍

    1. We quickly learned that another trip to TO is going to be necessary to get back to all of the delicious vegan-friendly spots we missed this time around. Thanks for your recommendations!

  2. I was there just a year or so ago, and it seems there’s already more places for me to check out the next time I’m back! On another note, the next time you’re over the border, I recommend Montreal and Winnipeg. The Peg is still a bit of a vegan secret, which surprises me since they had a vegan restaurant over a decade ago!

    1. Thanks, Toronto is amazing! You’ll have a lovely time there! Several in our community have also been to Montreal, but we don’t hear enough about Winnipeg. Any additional vegan dining suggestions there would be most welcome.

    2. Ever since I discovered Kensington Market years ago, I’ve always had a good time in Toronto! It seems to be getting better and better though, which is great to know. As for Winnipeg, I actually ended up doing a Throwback Thursday this week around a vegan burger joint there called Boon Burger. It’s a must visit for sure, but there’s also Delicious, Stella’s (they have a few spots, but one is a 24hr stop in the airport that means vegans always have options on their way out of or into Winnipeg!), Burrito del Rio, numerous sushi places, vegan-friendly Thai spots, Ethiopian food, and more. It’s not as vegan-centric as Toronto, but given that the city is much smaller, it’s great in my books!

  3. Please see “A Privileged Vegan” on Youtube for a different take on what a vegan lifestyle should consist-its so not just what you consume.

  4. We live just north of Toronto and it’s such a great place to go for plant-based food! Make sure you visit Fresh when you go!

  5. Hibiscus Restaurant also in Kensington Market has the BEST VEGAN options for lunch and dinner! Their buckwheat crepes are insane! The line up is for a reason!!

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