52 thoughts on “Backyard Set-Up & Workout | Powerful Vegan Calisthenics

  1. Your voice doesn’t match your body. Your voice is so sweet and your body makes you look like you should be a jerk lol

  2. Lol come on man what kind of person goes to the park and charges people to walk on a slack line that’s so cringe and embarrassing.

  3. I miss these workout videos. Now let me go watch your avocado video and make some guac.

  4. Does it mean that you don’t do free weight workout? I’m also in a dilemma wanting to switch from free weight to body weight workout

  5. Dear Shredded Person.
    hopefully u answer, dude you are amazing, keep it up. and i’d love to copy you however there is a problem. How do you train your legs? (i had to watch video without sound so I dont know if u mentioned it.

  6. Battle ropes are awesome. They really kick your ass. I like to do battle rope at the end of my workout. It’s some quick killer cardio to finish everything off.

  7. Calisthenics is calisthenics vegan or not. Stop labelling it vegan. I don’t give 2 fucks what you eat

  8. I love you bro I wish you the best you always giving me good vibes I wish and give you tones of positive energy my brother ❤️ 🌱

  9. About 3 weeks ago i went from being a 200lbs meat eating powerlifter to a vegan doing calisthenics not gonna lie this change is hard on my body but I realize how much of my body I didn’t have control of

  10. Man you’ve got genetics all on your side, unlike my skinny ass that struggles to gain a gram of muscle. Good work (thumbs ups).

  11. Talk about the law of attraction! As you can see below I said just 4 days ago that I would love those Frank Medrano dip bars.
    Yesterday I found a woman who had some dip bars for sale! I bought them, took them home and thought “to bad it´s not the Frank Medrano signature edition”.
    Then I looked a little closer at them and what do I see. FRANK MEDRANO! So now I have them as well and I’m so happy!
    Time to take the training to the next level!

  12. Got my dip bar station days ago and I’m loving it. Dips work trust me, also got some creatine, already have my weight bench and weights etc so slowly but surely building my personal home gym. Really can’t get enough of dips tho

  13. God ur too damn inspiring holy! Vegan calisthenics body building gang rise! haha.. only thing is.. YOU FORGOT LEGS >:C

  14. I love your setup. I’m excited to be moving and buying 3.8 acres. I plan on setting up my own backyard gym. Is all of your equipment weather resistant? What are some tips?

  15. it’s so nice that you could actually leave these stuff outside just sitting, I cannot leave something out for 1 week before someone jumps over the fence to take it

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