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  1. This video is a pretty big deal for me. Ive been holding on to meet because it’s easier and I thought it was healthier for weightlifting.. I might be convinced vegan would work for me

  2. That was so well stated!!! You are an amazing person in every way!!! Thank you for your honesty and complete sincerity!! WHAT AN INSPIRATION Sir!!!

  3. I just used the same calculator as in the video and it has me I’m at 25.331. lts really ones height and type of training they do which they can stay consistent at is the biggest factor which will result in their FFM.

  4. I know guys who are this ripped who dont use steroids. Albeit they are taller but their bfp is roughly the same.

  5. #question, if I want to eat a lot of protein-rich vegetables, I get a lot of flatulence and everyone gets upset about it. how is it with you? can you do something about it that you get so many flatulences? (with Google translator german)

  6. Taking Attitude and character into account Derek is the last person I’d accuse of being fake natty

  7. I think your body would look similar to Jeff Nippard if you were 30 lbs heavier. But don’t spend an hour and a half lifting five days a week eating 5000 calories a day if that’s not what you want for your life. You seem super happy doing what you do living in your own skin and that’s what matters.

  8. Yes thanks man for the great video I work out as much as possible I agree with you ,,,running my race

  9. It’s something that frustrates me that people that eat shit, go clubbing, don’t sleep, get stressed over everything, and constantly skip exercise think that anyone with any muscle is on steroids.

  10. Hello vegan world! I am drunk right now and I just click through vegan channels giving them an auto like 😀 please consider doing the same, as even this very small amount of activism can become significant if done by enough people! Love to you all (except for the meatheads … kidding, love you to aswell, but stop abusing animals!)

  11. he started aminos and human growth. vegan diet doesnt have the calories or proteins on its own. so many frauds on here.

    1. Stfu lol. Nothing in his physique says roids. Moreover, vegan diet has enough protein and calories, wtf are you on about?

  12. But you..do not eat any fat. Well you might think you do, but you don’t. As to a vegan diet. And since history has taught us nothing but: vegan athletes are a sham. You fall under extra scrutiny.

    That is why people ask you these questions. And for you to say: don’t care about other people just yourself sounds like something Armstrong would have said.

  13. people need to realize the guy is only 150lbs. If you think he is using roids you’re just delusional

  14. you didn’t look like you were on the juice in this video, okay, and now? seeing your recent instagram posts it’s extremely obvious you’re on the juice dude

    1. Thank you for the roundabout compliment. Haha, I am not taking anything and still have never. No steroids, no sarms, no secrets. I will take creatine and protein powder, but no secrets here.

  15. IG: Athletejmv

    Got myself a 24-25 for my FFMI I’m, about 9-10% body fat (read a 7.7% the other day), weighing in at 173 at 5’8″ :-O All natural gains; fit my whole life. Like you said, who cares what results others have obtained. My main issue is when you claim to be natural and you’re lying. I’m with you, stay lean and eat healthy year round… great advice. When I’m told I’m on roids, I consider it a compliment these days. It just confirms for me that I’m headed in the right direction.

  16. Derek is not in any means “big”. He has a very well developed physique, defined round muscles, but definitely no mass monster. So I believe his words!

  17. Hey man, don’t listen to these people. I think you are all natural. Going vegan is good. the lifting you are going is good, keep lifting your own body weight, keep running. All I’m saying is that you look natural.

  18. if I watch video’s of you, I would never as in never thing you would ever use drugs to get bigger or stronger. Why would you want to eat and be healthy but use steroids?!🤷‍♂️

  19. I was just in the grocery store about to buy some tofu when someone else was looking too. They were all out of extra firm tofu, and I was like, “Oh no, what am I going to cook tonight…” So that spurred a conversation with this guy…. He owned a restaurant and for February, he went “vegetarian” to figure out what things to add to his menu for “vegetarians”……. He said, it’s been horrible, his health was bad from the change, no energy, since we need to have 60% protein in our diet. I was like, “well, I disagree with that” yada yada and I brought up several bodybuilders on youtube that are vegan…. Mentioned Simnett Nutrition, showed him a pic of your youtube channel, and he was like, nope, he’s on roids too, he admitted to it in a facebook group… I was like, yeah, I don’t think so. Anyways, it was a weird exchange, but in the end, he was overweight, his wife was overweight, and so, I just chalk it up to ignorance. Man, people are so dumb or am I dumb thinking you aren’t on roids? Who knows!!

  20. Two words Nimai Delgado. Vegetarian to Vegan bodybuilder. Nobody believes him either. But alas it doesn’t matter what people think.

  21. What a great video thank you so much
    Good to see such great results for your hard work and clean keep it up mate top man !!

  22. The problem with YouTube is that you have to assume everybody is on gear. The temptation is too high across the board and not using steroids is going to be detrimental to you as a fitness YouTuber. The result of that is the advice given is often not useful to people who are not on drugs (e.g. “you don’t need to directly train your abs if you do heavy compound lifts”, which doesn’t pan out for many people who are not on drugs). Drugs make the entire fitness segment of YouTube kind of a difficult source of information at the intermediate level in the context of body transformations. In terms of skill development in calisthenics, etc., you are fine. I would argue maybe focus on skills and techniques because there is just no way to know and the lies really are legion. No offense here and I am not accusing anybody of anything. I am just saying that it’s impossible to know and the experience gained on gear does not really translate to people trying to do it the healthy way. So we are just kind of left in a position of perpetual skepticism which is not really a place you should have to be in when looking for solid information on how to develop your physique in a healthy way. If you want to do it on drugs, you have lots of good information, though. PEDs are a much bigger problem to our society than people realize, and I am not saying this from some school marm moralistic position. I am saying this from a position of wanting to know the truth and being able to make intelligent choices about our health and fitness, which we currently cannot do. I don’t have a problem with people doing it with drugs either. My problem is with the lying and the especially the fraud. But ultimately it ruins even honest fitness channels. If a fitness YouTuber does everything right, then he is going to be automatically suspect as a fake natty and then his advice is going to be suspect, which defeats the purpose of the platform, imo.

    1. You just never know. I agree that what works for someone on gear won’t necessarily work for someone who isn’t. I think all us naturals got sucked into non-natty training advice at some point, but then you learn this isn’t working, something is up and you adapt. Not sure if you are implying I am or not on anything, but I can confidently say I have never taken any PEDs. Creatine and protein powder are as un-natty as I get. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

    2. @Simnett Nutrition No. I am not implying that at all. I am saying the drugs make this platform very difficult for me to find good advice. I just don’t know what to trust at this stage in my training.

  23. Respect 😉😇 I’m done with all man made “foods” … Be back with my raw wild living food journey 😜

  24. Eat more quinoa cuz Eating quinoa will provide you with a regular supply of ecdysterone, which one study showed was more effective than the anabolic steroid Dianabol,” explains sports scientist Tim Lawson. A diet high in ecdysterone and protein increases muscle mass by up to 7%.

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