53 thoughts on “On the Go Vegan Lunch Ideas for School or Work (Bento Box) 🍱

  1. Hey friends! Youtube was being weird and not letting me add any more links, so here are the other School Lunch Videos I mentioned:
    5 Lunch Ideas:
    3 Bento Box Ideas:
    School Snacks:
    Meal Prep in 1 Hour:
    Meal Prep #2:
    Enjoy 🙂

  2. Just FYI, buckwheat is gluten free and so are soba noodles (at least generally). I would recommend to check in the ingredients whether they have mixed the buckwheat with regular wheat 🙂

  3. Firstly, I have to say that you are a natural on camera and I love how efficient and to the point your videos are which makes it that much more enjoyable to watch. Second, thank you for the recipes and ideas and demonstration on how to make them! Much appreciated! I used to make a sushi burrito but didn’t think to use two Nori sheets together! Brilliant! Thanks again and I look forward to more recipes! This especially helps me for packing lunches for my kiddos! 😄👍💕

  4. I like vegan eating but I also do eat meat 1 a week other than that only what’s from a tree or out of the ground

  5. I’m not vegan but I am trying to be more conscious about meat consumption so thank you for these recipes

  6. I help with understanding and mastering math topics for grades 2nd through 7th on my YouTube Channel, and all you have to do is reply to my comment saying what you need help on ( put your math topic) and I will make a video on it.🤗… and Caitlin is the best😎

  7. You are literally an angel, school is approaching and ive been frantically looking for vegan lunches, thank you so much !!!

  8. Each step is so well presented! Lot to learn from you and way to go girl!
    P.S. If you like Indian style cooking, checkout my channel! ❤️

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  10. Since going vegan I’ve developed a newfound love for cooking. I’m actually thinking of taking one of these vegan cooking courses online

  11. The soba noodle salad is the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time. I’m pescatarian so I eat allot of sushi but this is better for sure.

  12. Soba noodles are gluten free because they’re made from buckwheat, which is a seed. The only things that contain gluten are wheat, barely, and rye.

  13. I wish I could call myself vegan, but in a house/family like mine, I can’t

    Not making excuses, but my mum won’t let me not eat meat or fish for long periods of time.
    And like in most households, pretty much every meal includes meat.
    It sometimes makes me sad to the point of feeling sick when I eat meat sometimes, and I dunno why. Though I do understand why meat is a necessary part of my families diet.
    I don’t have vegan days because of the animals or environment either, so again, I can’t call myself a vegan, or a dedicated one.

    So I try to do 4 days vegan a week, 1-2 weeks is what I’m aiming for.

    Wish me luck!

  14. you know that “Hass” means “hate” in german? So for me as a native german speaker it’s a bit weird.. xD DAT HATE! Yeey

  15. i’m vegan, a fat one – i don’t like overly heatlhy food, but i love the look of this…looking fwd to trying these out soon. must get my bento box sorted.

  16. Hi there. I’m in the church for in the go vegan tips n trick, but in the whole YouTube, I found only 3. More will be appreciated. And How to vegan on vacation?

  17. I don’t like kale and I don’t like tahini, but I loved the salad with them both in. So maybe I do like them after all.

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