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  1. Nisha: this is the best video you’ve made so far. Everything about it. So genuine, so down to earth, so well filmed and well worded… it was lovely getting to know you better. Thanks for sharing this for others to benefit from. You’re amazing!

    1. @onlooker4564 yes of course you can’t change your gender, but you can change your gender identity… i should have wrote that. thanks.

    2. @Janet Hagen it may not be for you. Better to be moderate and increase your plant intake rather than just cut out meat.

    3. @Rainbow Plant Life у ми кл.юмшпчшп0оои9иииииъ66ъъътт42я2яв км

    4. @Janet Hagen Make sure you’re drinking plenty of good quality water along w/the good advice others have left you in thread.🌀👋🏼💙

  2. I’m so struggling with food right now. After a major surgery, I turned to “comfort foods” pizza, burgers, etc… I gained 20 lbs and I’m uncomfortable. I know I need to change the food choices I make but I don’t want to. For example, tonight I ate a veggie burger loaded with bacon. I just can’t digest it. It’s been HOURS (at least 6 1/2 hours so far) and I’m not close to digesting it. But I still keep eating it. I know that meat doesn’t agree with me yet I keep eating it. It’s a problem and I’m “trying” to work on it. I eat a lot less meat these days. I know what I need to do – I just am not at a point of committing to it.

    1. Hey there, sorry to hear you’re struggling. I’d definitely recommend watching the documentaries What The Health, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc and Game Changers. It may help reframe your mindset to make better choices. No judgement at all, I turn to comfort foods all the time but there’s ways to have “healthier” versions so you don’t feel so uncomfortable afterwards 🙂

  3. I am not a vegan and will continue to be so( I am a mostly fisheriterian ) but I appreciate this video

  4. Great video (and channel). Just curious, what were you sprinkling on the peanut butter and fruit sandwich? Sesame seeds?

  5. Glad I stumbled upon your YouTube channel, love it! How do you supplement your vitamin B-12? Thanks for your help and ideas!

    1. The vitamin B-12 is a microbe found in dirt and unpurified rivers the best way to get B-12 is to take vitamin supplements. The reason people who eat meat are not that low on B-12 is that the animals in the factory farms are given B-12 supplements. Hope this helped 🙂

  6. Everyone in my house it’s meats and dairy. I have been vegan since January. That’s decision I ever made. I agree that all we can do is lead by example! I go to the gym every day and I am very disciplined. Therefore, it is not challenging for me to abide by my own beliefs. You are inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  7. *says she didn’t eat much junk food or unhealthy food*
    5 seconds later
    *Pictures with cookie, “I also ate lots of pizza and icecream”.


  8. In response to what you said about not judging others: We should not judge those who aren’t yet aware of the true consequences of their actions, but we should all judge those who are knowingly causing harm and refuse to change.

  9. Being vegan brought joy to my life 😊 it was brilliant until I got pregnant… I struggle with eating my normal vegan stuff, because it was all making me feel sick…:( I had anemia, I was weak. I did start to eat meat again. Now I am balancing between veganism and meat diet. I can’t wait to deliver my baby and start my vegan journey again 😊!

  10. 3:57 that’s nice, and I hope you look out for plants grown in farms who are socially and agriculturally responsible, because those farmers get exploited a lot, too

  11. if you have IBS issues cut down on the bread..ONLY buy ORGANIC flour! and eat enzymes b4 each meal esp the specific one for gluten

  12. Do you still cook meat for you boyfriend? I stuggle with this. I have to make meals for One, plus his meals.

  13. I’ve gone on a virtually vegan diet after I got diagnosed for diabetes and high cholesterol a few weeks ago (barring milk tea- I’m Indian and need my milk tea 😂). The second change is that I’ve changed to an almost raw food/salad diet, with almost no starches included. The difference in how I feel is amazing- never feel heavy even after extremely satisfying meals. And I’ve lost about 3 kg in a couple of weeks. Never going back to my old diet and will most likely go 100% vegan

  14. I love your channel. I became vegan this month and find it easy to do living in NYC. I also want to eliminate products with palm oil since the practice used in harvesting it is killing off Orangutans. The World Health Organization has an app where you can scan products with palm oil to see if the organization is using humane practices.

  15. The loss of that bloating is the first thing you feel. That’s how I know I’m heading in the right direction. Goodbye meat and milk bloat!

  16. If you are in India grate job! you just born vegan. in my village any kind of meat is prohibited.

  17. Nisha, I love the peaceful quality of this video. You are an inspiration for living out one’s values! I’m going to order your cookbook today to help me be a happier vegan🥰

  18. Love you!!!! Your passion, parents and recipes!!! Just sharing in case anyone else has gone through something similar. I went Keto, and everything I was eating was animal based. I started to feel pain in every part of my body. I could not explain it and neither could the doctors. I watched “The Game Changers” on Netflix. I gave up all animal products that day and after a couple of months I felt normal with NO MORE PAIN. It’s been 8 months and I will never go back. I know your story will inspire others!!

  19. 1. No one should be eat milk products all the benefits you describe are from not eating dairy .
    2. Soybean farms do more harm to the environment that cattle farms. (NB I don’t eat beef) please research.
    3. I tried vegan ism and it improved my cooking but after 3 months (my target trial period) I was too hungry to continue and I was eating much better than so many vegans I see.
    4. I have seen a friend restart eating meat after 3 years and he finally looked healthy.,
    5. I am not suggesting eating junk food. I could easily go on a rant about the food chain. I do think that eating a sensible amount of animal products in addition is a better choice. Fat, bone broth and a small amount of organ or muscle. You may consider reading Omnivores’ dilemma.

    I fully expect the rabid vegans to attack me for not sharing their religion and ask why I watch this channel. I think you are a good cook and I want to eat a healthy balanced diet with interesting plant dishes in addition to animal dishes. We are omnivores despite politics. Eat by healthy not by cuteness.

    Please continue providing interesting vegan recipes and methods of cooking.

    This is the short version : )

    1. First of all, Veganism is not a religion. It’s a moral stance against animal abuse. Secondly, everything the human body needs comes from plants. You not knowing how nutrition works does not change that. Thirdly, you clearly haven’t done some basic research. Soybeans do harm the environment and you know why? Because 98% of soybeans go to feed cattle.

  20. I have slightly high cholesterol and reflux so I’m very much wanting to transition fully to vegan! I’m excited it will help me heal 🙃

  21. “I don’t believe in limiting food groups” What? xD That’s what this entire video is about. That has to be an oversight.

  22. I was very disappointed about french bread in my country (I’m from Brazil), because I thought it were a vegan product. Some bakeries add pork fat in bread dough, to enhance its smell.

  23. I love your channel your food isn’t just healthy but so varied and delicious looking I can’t wait to put your recipes to use ❤️

  24. When I was younger I struggled with weight due to growing up with a typical American diet heavy in processed foods, meats, dairy (we are from Wisconsin), and not much fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, pulses, whole grains. I was addicted to blueberries and spinach even from a young age though. I couldn’t get enough of either.

    I became more conscious of my choices in junior high. And while I had been a little overweight, but not terribly, I started to make healthier and healthier choices. In high school I went all out really educated myself on nutrition, many different diet ideas etc. Eventually I settled on a macrobiotic semi vegetarian diet. While my diet was not perfect, I kept experimenting with more and more foods and cuisines.

    Fast forward to last year. I thought I had colitis due to symptoms I was having. That came back negative, test after test was run until I found out I have EPI. After a lot of experimenting and documentation we figured out wheat is particularly harmful to me, dairy clogs me up, processed sugar makes me feel like garbage, I can occasionally do seafood. But the tougher the protein the harder it is to digest.

    So now I am on a whole plant based diet. I am 80-90% strict, 10-5% good, 10-5% I shouldn’t have done that. Summers are difficult for me because I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 7 years. The humidity especially makes my fibro flare like crazy. So in summers battling pain and fatigue I don’t always eat the healthiest and cheat a bit more. In winter when I am not in as much pain and have more energy I can spend more time in the kitchen and eat cleaner. I still do indulge a bit, but not as much as summer time.

    I live in a small city and there are some options available to me here, but not as many as you might think. I still find I have to often order things from online just to get things I might need like hemp seed hearts and nutritional yeast, etc. It really helps if like me you also like a VERY wide variety of foods, spices and cuisines. I physically crave Indian, Thai, Mexican, Moroccan, sushi (vegetarian).

  25. Wish I could have liked twice. Thank you for this video. I’m transitioning to vegan because of stomach issues and overall I want to live a healthy lifestyle. So everything you said was so relatable. Thanks 😊

  26. I know this is an old video but I wanted to comment on something you said about feeling happier.
    I too feel happier not eating meat.
    I have been up and down and back and forth on being vegan and vegetarian.
    I only recently am committed to 99 percent vegan n.
    I just have to find a good substitute for my coffee.
    But even in the past when I went off and ate meat,I started to feel unhappy and even anxious.
    I ofter thought to myself that maybe the pain that these animals feel and how frightened they must be almost goes from their bodies to ours.
    Just a thought

  27. Nisha, my mum & our family adore you! We love your candor & honesty. Your filmography & videos are so inspirational and can help so many. Yes, many documentaries can help motivate us to change, such as Seaspiracy, What the Health, Gamechangers… these helped us a lot too. Thank you for being here & speaking your truth 🙏 ❤

  28. Love your channel!! Your recipes really help to understand one doesn’t have to sacrifice good food when becoming vegan. Thank you for that and for this honest video.
    You’re radient and it’s beings joy to hear you speak your values

  29. I definitely will never be 100% vegan, but my partner and I are trying to incorporate more vegan dishes in our life. Your channel has been very helpful to us and I wanted to say thank you for making this video.

  30. If anyone is having a hard time giving up, like, NYC pizza, yeah there are lots of dairy alternatives, but also, you could be vegan 95% of the time and just eat that pizza when you go to a concert or something. It’s okay not to do everything 100% even if it would be more in line with your values to do 100%

  31. Well, allow me to be just another person to tell you how beautiful you are. Thanks for the useful information and tips. I am gradually working myself into it.

  32. Very interesting subject. I have the same problems you have and believe it or not I was thinking about going vegan just like my daughter did a month ago and she said she feels much better not eating meat. Is funny I was looking for recipes to cook for her and I ran into your channel is this a coincidence or what? Thanks for your information I really enjoy your channel 👌👌👌

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