63 thoughts on “Meat Lovers Try Vegan Diets For A Week

  1. I love how it’s a “challenge” and such a struggle to try and eat like a rational human being for a week. It’s not difficult.

    1. They only list cross contamination with milk products. My lactose intolerant friends and family have been fine. They don’t need milk to make the cream.

  2. I was vegetarian for a year and then became vegan and whenever I say it, people are like “I could never be vegan because vegan food is terrible” and I’m over here with my cinnamon silk nog (vegan egg nog), oreos, and bowl of almond milk ice cream like “what are you talking about”

  3. Hi… this is a bit awkward, but as a member of the animal rights community I feel like I should specify something. I think we should really define the difference between the terms “plant based” and “vegan.” From what I understand, what you’re doing here is a plant based diet, for some other reason such as health, that doesn’t involve the fundamental rights of animals. On the other hand, a vegan lifestyle seeks to exclude any and all use of animals out of respect for their fundamental right not to be used simply as slaves to the human race. Because of this, things like “vegan for a day/week/month” do not exist because it’s much more of a mindset and belief than it is a “diet” or a “challenge.” I do understand that pop culture and media has turned veganism into a “buzz-word” and thus seems to have a fuzzy definition, so I’m definitely not blaming you or anyone for the confusion, but I just wanted to clear it up so that when the word “vegan” is mentioned, people think about the animals.

  4. It’s strange how some people will do this diet and all they will do is complain about how its so hard or how they are hungry. It honestly doesn’t seem like it would be extremely difficult to do this diet, especially when there are so many items that people eat every day that are vegan.

  5. I couldn’t do this, but I want too! So bad! I want to be vegan or vegetarian! I wish I had the will!

    1. It actually is. I have lactose intolerant friends and family who eat them just fine. Even my vegan friends say it’s addicting.

  6. If I tell my mom that “Mom,I am going to try vegan diet for a week”
    My mom will be like “What diet?”
    Me – V E G A N DIET
    My mom – I don’t know what the hell you are talking about..which world are you in? I will just order mutton biryani and kebabs for dinner!
    Me – M O M! NO

  7. You going vegan for a week saved atleast a few lives in the slaughter you gave then a 1 week life thank you 🙏

  8. I’m not even vegan but I know you can make an amazing braised korean tofu. Some people are really too into an “American” diet but don’t embrace other cultures and cuisines that add lots of healthy veggies. Also buzzfeed didn’t even show all three of the girls experience. This “week” long experience seemed too short.

    1. Nothing they ate had diary. Oreos are only possible cross contamination with diary as they make things like fudge Oreos.

  9. I’m Indian. Vegetarian since born and Vegan for 5 years and I am just 18. It’s easy if you really study for your options.

  10. “Make it a priority to make sure I’m not starving”. Lmao she’s pretty overweight, she could go quite a while without food.

  11. I’m not vegan nor vegetarian but I always get annoy when people do this and end up complaining about their food choices.

  12. The worst is oil and other pure fats like butter. So caloricaly dense. 4 tablespoons have as much calories as one whole chocolate.

  13. Okay I want to cry(I cried already) because I want to become vegan but cheese, chocolates, ice cream, curd, paneer, chicken fries, I snack them so much. And in India, at least in kolkata in my area, there’s not much vegan options + if it’s vegan it’s kinda super expensive. P.S. cornflakes is love. Someone help me please 😭

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