50 thoughts on “Real Life Daily | 90% Vegan – Episode 4

  1. Ik blijf gewoon reageren omdat ik deze nieuwe style wil supporten. Love the vegan discussion between u and maurits! U both stick to your own opion but understand eachother and want to help eachother. And teach the followers about food and relationship lifestyle! Xo

  2. Ahhh this vlogs just make my entire day, the fact that we can have new content every day is just amazing, I LOVE the new concept props to you! Keep it going as always, love you

  3. I was vegan for about 7 years and it was horrible. I became anemic and lost hair and muscle. I had to reintroduce meat into my diet. I sometimes eat just plant based protein on some days but I can’t remove.meat from my diet.

  4. I really admire and respect people who go vegan but I think it is very weird because most of them are wearing designer leather bags, boots, jackets etc. Even when they want to change their lifestyle they actually don’t!

  5. PLEASE SPEAK DUTCH AND NOT ENGLISH! Het spijt me echt je bent geweldig. Je stijl alles is gewoon geweldig. Maar please spreek geen engels als je het niet goed kan. Ik kijk al een tijdje je video’s. Ik begon je te volgens op insta en dacht van oh gaaf waarschijnlijk Amerikaans. Maar toen hoorde ik je praatte en wist meteen, dit is een hollander dat kan niet anders. Dus please spreek Nederlands of goed engels! Maar maak een keus aub niet slecht engels met dit huge accent. In iedergeval ik en heel veel van mijn vriendinnen kijken je video’s niet omdat wij ons er zo aan irriteren. Je bent geweldig en ik wil zo graag je video’s kijken maar dan zet ik toch liever het geluid uit. Im sorry

  6. How great that you are mentioning these documentaries about vegan diet, you can make such a difference since you are able to reach mass. Lotsa of love xxx

  7. there are so many different types of vegan delicious burgers. Of course it’s not necessarily to eat only at vegan restaurants. everywhere you go i think potatoes rice salads there are on the menu.
    See earthlings and the Gary Yourovsky speech . Personally the reason that keeps me going with this lifestyle was the animals. It’s very sad and disguised. Good that you make the connection and you want to change. Search more and you’ll find more about this lifestyle. <3

  8. So happy you understand and see the value in educating yourself on veganism and how important it is for your health the planet and the billions of animals!!!! I love it!!!! Thank you for making this video!!!!!!

  9. Finding it hilarious that I am not the only one who saw “What the Health” and decided to go Vegan without thinking twice. Definitely also taking it one step at a time and not claiming to be 100% vegan because giving up fish is very difficult. I looked up on the WHO website just to be more familiar with the different mercury levels in fish. I recommend it! Also love all your vlogs keep up the great work! You geniunely seem like such a nice person and you derserve all the success you’ve received.

  10. Maaauuriz!!!!!!!!!!! You can have the yummies VEGAN BURGERS!! They taste so so good and are so much better for your body, the environment and the animals! Try them pleeeaaase! You will fall in love 🙂

  11. Negin I love you u know! I always leave comments on your video but I am telling you a vegan diet is not good for health sorry…. people who are eating animal products aren’t ruin the planet. The world is going nuts for many reasons not only because of us who eat animals… u are vegan u shouldn’t even eat the honey of your bees baby…. and Gisou isn’t vegan either.
    I don’t like the morals from all the vegan people. Every single one of them does them…. I hope you won’t. Much love

  12. for me, i believe in balance, you can always buy a free range animal products… i dont like it when people getting mad at those who eat animal products. its crazy lol….

  13. You should watch “What the Health” it’s by the same creators of cowspiracy but it’s more on the health aspect! On Netflix !

  14. If only, she filmed you while you do your makeup and asked you about each product as the “travel” makeup you did was so fantastic! I was like “wow”! And hoepfully she will fulfill our dream to see you do your hair! Also your body products would be just insanely amazing to know about! Love you!! I have never seen a woman so beautiful and kind in the same time! <3

  15. Negin! LOVED this episode! Very natural and nice to see how you and Mau interact xoxox big fan from NY

  16. ik find je vlogs echt supper supper goed!!! en wat zijn dat voor videos over vegan waar je over gepraat hebt? ☺️☺️☺️

  17. Being vegan is not only about food, isn’t it. It’s even about the cosmetics you’re using. It’s so upsetting that so many huge brands still are testing on animals or using animal derivatives in their products 🙁

  18. Negin, I admire that you are bringing awareness to veganism on your channel! ❤️ I wonder what your thoughts are about trying to be vegan most of the time while also being intrinsically part of the fashion world?

  19. Do you skip breakfast? Haven’t heard you ever speak about eating breakfast in your videos.

  20. I’m not really like meat that much maybe a burger once a month, but don’t try to bullshit people with “meat or milk isn’t for human body”. Humans were eating meat for 2,588,000 years and I writinh that based on archeological facts

  21. ❤️❤️ Negin, eggs and chiken ARE good for you. Please don’t give in the vegan brainwashing mindset. You are smarter than that. To make a claim about food legit- consult with a doctor. Don’t just watch a documentary. Because when you start suffering from tons of deficiencies because of veganism, doctors will be prescribing you eggs and meat as medicine. There are irreplaceable aminoacids in meat. Also, we do not absorb vegetable protein as good as animal ones. Just be reasonable and ask a doctor. And also reaseach home many people’s health was damaged because of veganism. Other than that you’re fascinating, pretty, smart and I wish you and your man the best ❤️❤️

  22. Pls post ur hair secret vedio pls tel me pls pls pls i like very much ur hair pls post ur hair secret

  23. I’m totally Mau in this video with the burger addiction. Good job mentioning the environmental impact of meat production.

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