50 thoughts on “What I Eat In a Day AS A VEGAN + RECIPES!

  1. Love your videos and recipes! I’m new to being vegan but your ideas are making the transition easy. I love your avocado pasta, best recipe ever! Btw I think the pepper might be a poblano

  2. Anyone can gove me the link to the vid she makes tomato sauce/bell pepper pasta? I can’t find it.

  3. One day I looked up makeup compilations and ended up looking at what vegans eat in a day….. how, I don’t know but I’m addicted now, I need help!?!

  4. Thanks for your video. Being Asean I find the speed of your expression difficult to follow. Can you express in a bit slow speed.

  5. If your split yellow peas are prepared in pressure cooker it will save you loads of time and you can make it really smooth depending on the time you prepare it. Love your recipes……

  6. Once again. Awesome looking recipes. I’m so going to make them! Can you please post some recipes of the different sauces that you make. I.e. The one you made for your flax seed wraps on a previous video?

  7. But what up with the yogurt ? that is part of vegan? has dairy i was going to subscribe but i change my mind

  8. best soak peas over night and rinse before cooking
    To this soup smoked paprika can be used for flavor ,of course blk pepper and bay leaf ✌️✌️✌️)))

  9. New subscriber love your videos! You explain it very well can’t wait to try your recipes they look delicious😊

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