51 thoughts on “Super Lazy Vegan Snack Ideas! healthy + easy

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  2. Thinking of going off meat completely vegan and vegiterian dishes look so tasty. But what about the white flour used in this bread that’s a no no… Thoughts?

  3. I’m NOT Vegan! BUT BOY LET ME TELL YOU! That chickpea wrap, I will eat for the rest of my life!! #DeadAss

  4. Great vegan snack ideas, wouldn’t call them lazy though …lazy would be like dipping store-bought crackers directly into store-bought hummus !

  5. Love these ideas! I’m going to make my own almond butter more often, it’s not that hard to do and it’s better for the environment because you aren’t buying as much plastic from the almond butter containers. Just buy almonds in bulk or get them from a bulk scooping station where you can use your own container.

  6. This is NOT lazy! As soon as you said make it yourself, I knew you either had no clue what lazy meant or this was just click bait.

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  8. The falafel mix looks amazing and it’s so versatile! We’ll try it with fried mushrooms, as a tasty side. Kudos!

  9. This is going to come in handy when im floating hiiiiiiiiigh af and the munchiess kick in. TY 🤤

  10. A lot of people commented how these recipes aren’t easy, but these are the easiest vegan recipes i have seen!! Your recipes look incredible. I am definitely trying those wraps. Omg they look so good!! I am mostly going vegetarian, so this will be perfect. Thank you.

  11. I have my own recipe of extra lazy 1 min chocolate toast
    With just 2 ingredients

    Step 1: Toast your bread. I used chocolate bread but that’s optional (I have a trick of making them super crisp without any oil/butter or whatever. if u wanna know feel free to ask)

    Step 2: take a small bowl add
    -2 tbsp cocoa powder
    -2 tbsp of milk powder
    -Some chopped nuts(I use peanuts) and then I make a thick sauce by adding water. U can add some honey or sweetener if u like. But I keep it simple. And then I garnish with some nuts and some milk powder. That’s it. I know it sounds stupid but I promise you it tastes heavenly. Guranteed by an extra picky eater who is also a chocolate Addict.

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