OUR TRAVEL WORKOUT AT SUPERFIT GYM HOI AN | Digital Nomad Fitness | Vietnam Vlog 072

10 thoughts on “OUR TRAVEL WORKOUT AT SUPERFIT GYM HOI AN | Digital Nomad Fitness | Vietnam Vlog 072

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  2. Hey guys random question. I’ve watched this video before from you guys but was reading a bit about gym, lifestyle and diet in your book and it linked here. What sort of food did you guys try to eat regularly in Vietnam? Currently in Aus we are most of our carbs by midday and then just protein and veggies by the evening but wondering how to keep up the decent diet once we move to Vietnam. Sorry for the long question but we’ve been working hard to drop weight and build muscle the last 6 months and don’t want it all to go to shit once we get over there.

  3. Hi Dane and Stacey, Great video. We’re travelers also and find it hard to exercise whilst traveling. Do you guys have a step by step post on both your routines and foods? 🏋

  4. Dude, you’re JACKED!! I really loved the philosophy behind you’re workout routine, do it hard and clean! you should make an in depth video on your routine and diet. anyways, great video guys!

  5. So sick Dane. Love your philosophy on weight training and how you check your ego at the door. What does your training split look like when you are situated in one place for a longer period of time?

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