52 thoughts on “10 Easy Low-Carb Veggie Snacks

  1. Panko and carrots are not lo-carb foods- one cup carrots is half the amount for an entire day on Atkins induction phase. READ ATKINS book before using these diets- a lot of mis-information out there

  2. Iโ€™m going to try the first one , although someone mentioned you can substitute the bread crumbs for almond meal and I have it at hand so Iโ€™m thinking of trying that now

  3. Why is this the first video when I type Keto recipes in the search bar? Clearly not keto. Lift your game youtube!

  4. Goodness me, thereโ€™s a lot of very unfair comments here. If you canโ€™t say something nice then donโ€™t say anything at all.
    I think these recipes are great. Thank you very much. This is just the inspiration I need.
    Trying to offer a low carb/meat meal to free to a diabetic takes some thinking about.

  5. Sorry but calling some of the recipes as veggies is false!!!! Parmesan cheese as well as other cheeses are made with the help of slaughtered calves! An enzyme in their stomachs, which can be bought under the name: LAB this is used to make most cheeses SO PLEASE DO CHECK ON YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU CALL IT VEGETARIAN!!

  6. add a few sprays of pam or spray oil. donโ€™t waste +300 calories covering everything in oil

  7. Honestly that’s a little too much cheese to consider these snacks “healthy” but I think the recipe will work fine with less of it.

  8. Hello Mam
    Your all recipes r tempting but …
    U have added an egg in all recipes…
    We r pure vegetarian …plz suggest us what can we add instead of eggs..plz must reply

  9. Panko has more than 20 grams of carbs per cup! This is not low carb. It did not specify panko made from pork rinds so I assume it’s regular panko?

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