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  1. Hey friends! I need your feedback: I’ve created another version of this video with just the natural sounds of food preparation + music (no voiceover). A lot of you, and myself included, seem to find this very calming/comforting. Find it here: . Let me know in the comments of the other video which you’d prefer going forward: A) upload both versions of the video, B) upload just the voiceover version, or C) upload just the food + music version (no voiceover). Thanks for providing your feedback ❤

    1. I prefer to hear you walk through each step. I get bored with no voice over and music only, I tend to turn off a video if there is no voice over

    2. I like listening to you speak. I am not fond of the videos that play only music or a voice over. Thank you for asking though.

  2. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists.”

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  3. That looks so good. I’m incorporating more vegetables into my diet, and this looks so delicious and healthy.

  4. I am trying to find what she wrote about rinsing the quinoa (etc). Does somebody know where to find anything? ✌🏼

  5. My partner made the burrito bowl the other night, it was so simple and delicious – a perfect weeknight meal. Thank you, this will be a regular in our house

  6. I love these recipes! For the delicious autumn glow bowl I found I needed to double the sauce to get enough to make it through the leftovers.

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  8. I really love the Creamy Guacamole and Burrito Nourish Bowl! I’m sure I’m going to love it when I make it.

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  10. So glad to find someone actually mentioning the animals on this channel. (there was one!) Isn’t their suffering enough… its like everyone else commenting on this thread is obsessed with themselves and what makes them feel good. Nobody mentions the animal holocaust. ‘I’m not Vegan but love your channel, voice, videos….’ Its all about how pleasant these videos are. They are… but the animal holocaust is the worst horror story on Earth…and YOU, if you aren’t vegan…are paying for that… that’s evil. Focussing on the pleasure you get out of that while paying for animals to be tortured… evil. 

    Pretending to be nice and pleasant and calm all the time…never ever mentioning their evil…while talking to evil people…is insane!

  11. Any good diet plan ougt to be healthy and convenient so people can follow it long term. That’s why keto sucks, and why the *Agoge diet* is great. I got rid of my cellulite finally.

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