10 thoughts on “Travel Fitness Community (Group For Travelers Working Out & Eating Healthy)

  1. Dope concept. Saw your page from Passport Heavy and your bro Jubril. Think what you guys are doing is very inspiring and I’d love to get more info on the next trip. Peace and respect to you

  2. Just requested on Facebook to be apart your community. Definitely want pick your brain on a lot stuff . Just finding this channel but I knew about passports heavy . I had a good time in Barcelona because I followed y’all tips going to Bali next . Hope I get to catch up with y’all one day.

  3. Hi Fufu! I hope we will see you in the Fall at JFK in nyc. I created my company for travelers to get their stretching/relaxation class at the airport before they board. You definitely were one of the people that I had in mind. Hope to see you there. -@flexnflyofficial

  4. Hey man! I just came across this video and it’s cool how much our interests align. I started a fitness + travel webseries and would love to collaborate in the future!

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