52 thoughts on “4 EPIC EASY VEGAN RECIPES | Vegan Breakfast & Lunch Recipes

  1. I just found your channel Racheal and I’m obsessed! I just started veganism a couple days ago a but you make me excited to continue! ♥️♥️

  2. You’re shamazing!! I love it!! Do you possibly have another alternative for the tofu? I’m “going vegan” but with alkaline foods… this is the best vegan scramble ive seen 😩👏🏽

  3. Wow I made one of you dishes in my own styles just love it and am glad I decide to go vegan

  4. I would prefer your videos without the music I find it very of putting,I want to hear you not the music.

  5. Pumpkin instead of banana, plus some autumn spices sounds yummy, too…topping it with pecans or walnuts😀

  6. Wow! That chocolate oatmeal looks sooo delicious. But I’m a little anxious about warming it up in the microwave… Don’t that kill a lot of the minerals and vitamins? 😱

  7. I so much enjoy your videos! I have been vegan for a little over 2 years. I’m trying to minimize oil use, but wonder if you can cook plantain in a non stick pan w/o oil?

  8. Full on joker. Love it. Food looks amazing. An yess to plantain. MASSIVE YESSS 😂👌🏾My son wants to be vegan. He’s gonna find this video in the morning☺️🇬🇧

  9. Loved the porridge and the scramble.
    i want to challenge our 11 yr old daughter to make family breakfasts for the week. Mom, dad, 5yr old and a 3yr old.
    How about a 7 breakfasts vidio to help her win the challenge.
    Thank you for you! So inspirational!

  10. When it comes to farts beans have nothing on chickpeas or so my friend says 🤭 in all seriousness though you make being vegan easy and tasty !

  11. I know this was two years ago but do you have your tofu scramble recipe anywhere because I didn’t see it on your current website.

  12. I really like your recipes, but damn I could probably feed myself for a week for the price of everything you need for that single breakfast bowl..

  13. Hi Rachel, went vegan about 3 months ago ,so I fairly new . I have never tried tofu but your “scrambled eggs” looks so tasty that i am going to give it a try! Thankyou so much for the ideas love that you share these great,great recipes 😀❤

  14. Mammmmm!! In the second dish you added pumpkin seeds . If I’m right. But you said sunflower seeds .
    But I love all your dishes

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