64 thoughts on “The Best Ever Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I make these all the time! Absolutely hands down best vegan cookies. I replace the coconut oil with softened vegan butter. My non-vegan friends are obsessed!

  2. I just tried these for first time. My batter thickened bcz of coconut oil. Then I refrigerate the dough and then it was very thick to scoop out..so I made small rounds with my palms.. I’m not sure if I should’ve done anything better?
    They don’t seem to be melting into flat cookie shape in the oven May be bcz of its shape?

    1. Definitely, I’ve done this many times. The longer you keep them in fridge, the better it tastes since the flavours become stronger 🙂

  3. You can make with regular oil as well, how much the cookie is gonna melt depends on how much flour there is, if it doesn’t melt try a little less flour, if itelts too much put a few more, good luck

  4. switched the coconut oil into margarine and this is soooo good! (im not a vegan so i use dairy milk instead of the non dairy one) (thats the only one that i found in my house😂)

    1. eh since im too lazy to buy brown sugar, im only using the white one😂✌tbh, this recipe tastes better than the original! (the non vegan one)

  5. Im not even vegan, im allergic to eggs, but im seeing people malding over cookies without eggs, what is wrong with you all.

  6. They don’t look as perfect as they do on the video ( as expected!) But man are they delicious! I made some for my family and they were impressed!! Replaced coconut oil with melted peanut butter😋

  7. I made these cookies and oh my god even though I halved the sugars it was still tooo sweet. The coconut oil flavour was also too overpowering.

    1. this is just a way of replacing animal products. do whatever you want but idk what a vegan egg is lmao.

  8. whoah why are people mad about this? i mean it’s embarrassing to be mad about people being vegan. i’m sorry that i care about the environment ig😐

  9. Very convenient and also easy recipe for Lock-down days.Can we use white sugar in place of 3/4 brown sugar?

  10. I tried this recipe, replaced oil with butter and used half of white sugar and half of Jaggery…. The result was amazingly gooey chocolatey cookies… Thanks 😋

  11. This recipes is soo good with minor adjustments you can create almost every possible (vegan friendly) flavour the other day i made peanutbutter and chocolate TASTES LIKE REESES!!!

  12. In standard measures it’s:
    100 grams of sugar
    160 grams of brown sugar
    A large pinch of salt
    110 ml of oil
    Around 60 ml of milk
    Around 5 ml of vanilla
    Around 170 grams of cake/pastry flour (in Italy is calle 00 flour)
    2,5 grams of baking soda
    200 grams of chocolate (4 oz is 100 grams more or less)

    1. To make it less sweet you can use just 50 grams of sugar and 110 grams of brown sugar or even just 160 grams of brown sugar

  13. Why baking soda? There is no acid in the batter, therefore the soda is not activated 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. I’m trying to make this for my little brother who is allergic to eggs, I didn’t start making it yet as I’m a bit nervous but can I still use non-vegan products (besides eggs) in this recipe? Would it change the taste or texture?

  15. tried this recipe but used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar . also didn’t use any chocolate chips. came out absolutely terrible and flat. what do I need to fix?

  16. Thanks for sharing this! Did you know that pure cocoa is high in polyphenols?  This is exciting because polyphenols can suppress bad gut microbes and encourage the growth of good microbes!  We need our gut microbiota to be in balance, and polyphenols can help with that!

  17. I did this receipe but using dairy products (vegetarian) I melted butter till slight brown and cool it. Then add 3/4 cup(more or less) of palm sugar with molasses(a type of sugar). I was told that the cookie was sweet but for me it taste like those freshed bake cookies so depends on your taste. Did not add white sugar but I add 1 tbsp of condensed milk. My wet ingredient was a little runny but it didnt affect the cookie much. Then add the other ingredient and cooled it. After cooled my batter thicken up and was easy to scoop. My batter felt oily when touch even after chilling but after bake it was fine. I bake for 10 minutes and the middle was soft (maybe it was suppose to be that way) but I like the outer layer a little hard so bake till brown. But the cookie was chewy and soft. IT IS AMAZING. Definitely recommend. Do use quality chocolate to get the best result. Again my receipe is vegetarian so if anyone questions would it work, it definitely would.

    1. Also leave a good amount of space when baking coz they will spread. Mine were chunky compound chocolate so they weren’t completely flat as others complained. But I never minded that coz they were big. I also add 2 tbsp cornstarch to make it soft.The taste is good.

  18. Made these, taste was fine but came out too oily to the point where I wasted a bunch of paper trying to pat out the oil. If I ever make these again I will reduce the coconut oil to either 1/3 cup or 1/4 cup.

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