58 thoughts on “TOFU 7 WAYS (Vegan recipes) – Đậu phụ 7 món | Helen’s Recipes

  1. I had some really good Vietnamese friends in college. My college had a lot of Asian and Polynesian students. Their food during food fest (it was an evening where every culture in my school would cook their ethnic foods and salw them to the people of the town and students). The vietnamese food was delicious!! 🤤

  2. Because of some awful “sweet and sour” dishes from my childhood, I’m very leery of pineapple in hot dishes, except bbq pineapple slices–BUT–other than that, very well done and, as you say, it does all look delicious.

  3. As far as I know, vegetarians dishes , shouldn’t contain leeks , chive , garlic & onion ( in whatever form it might b , 4 e.g. spring onion , shallots , scallions , etc etc …. whatever name being given 2 them ).

  4. Watch the Trump organization: considering to make chop-sticks illegal — they would be considered Terrorist Assets. This may sound like way off the wall Fake News — but, trust and verify .



  5. Hi Helen first time I see your vegan recipes hope you would like to make other videos.

    Very simple n you explained it very well
    Thank you so much for your video I will like to try for tonight dinner. 💖💖.

  6. I can’t wait to try these. My husband and are playing around with cooking vegan. Thank you Helen👍

  7. Ty Helen! Awesome video! Aloha from the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, H. I.💫🌺🙌

  8. Wow Nice Video. Keep Going. I just come across an India You Tuber. Her Video making is very nice. Check her videos in .

  9. Vegan doesn’t mean – unhealthy – deep fry, oils, saturated fats, too much gluten (use whole wheat) – spread the word

  10. As a broke college student and trying to not eat too much meat, tofu is one of the best staples for me lol. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  11. Thank you! I’m not vegan, but looking to add tofu into our meals without a lot of specialty ingredients.💜

  12. Yes, dear Helen!
    Chay, Chay, Chay, (Vegan) recipes, please!
    You must know there is Vegan Fish Sauce in Asian markets too.

  13. Tofu is the easiest way to lose weight.
    No calorie counting or any of that.
    Just eat it constantly and your dreams of a thinner you, will become true!

  14. All of these “celebrities” with money to burn, lack discipline, in their dietary endeavours.
    Oprah, Al Roker, Wynonna Judd and Ann Wilson.
    Yet every January, in PEOPLE Magazine, you hear of normal people, with normal money, achieving their weight loss goals.
    Why is that? 🙂

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