50 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Going VEGAN 🍠🌿

  1. I want to be vegan but my mom keeps cook meat everyday. If i don’t eats her cooks,she will sulking with me “))

  2. “Vegan” lol. If 100 thousand kids were guaranteed death and the only way to save them was to press a button which in return would kill a million cows u would press the button LMFAO “Vegan” 😂😂😂😂.

  3. I’m with you on the cost. If you buy just fruit, nuts, grains and veggies is NOT expensive.

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  5. I think you answered every question except how to go vegan when you’re married with a child and no one else in the house is on board.

  6. I know this is and older video, but I was wondering if you made your sweater? It’s just beautiful!

  7. A message to anyone reading this who is vegan or considering going vegan- try yuba/ tofu skin (whatever you like to call them). It’s absolutely delicious and can be used to make a few plant based mock meats. You can get them at Asian markets, make them yourself, or sometimes at grocery stores.

  8. I’m slowly trying again to go vegan. My biggest reason why is because I have a lot of food allergies… light read meat. I didn’t eat a lot of it to start with but you’d be surprised how much contamination goes on with food. I did okay the first time last year but this time I want to really follow through with it

  9. “Vegan” is what I strive to be….
    To be closer to OUR CREATOR and SAVIOR and for animal rights, everywhere!

    I mean have you seen how they handle animals in slaughter houses 🤯😱🥺…?!

    Can you imagine, if it were done to humans, instead of animals, how would you all feel then… Would you still not mind?!🤨🧐😶😔

  10. i like it raw because it feels better. i’m tearing this melon up! as for food i’m a budding Rasta and i haven’t eaten meat in days. i feel like i can stick with it this time!

  11. “So you wanna go vegan…” Step 1: Get off of your meds.
    Step 2: Loose touch with reality.
    Step 3: Cry a lot as you lose hormone balance.
    Step 4: Pressure everyone else to do the same.
    Step 5: Cry even more as you lose so-called friends.
    Step 6: Eat a burger in secret.
    Step7: Hate yourself
    Step 8: Doubledown on getting others to become vegan.
    Step 9: Claim that it’s good for the planet.
    Step 10: Run for senate.
    Step 11: Force everyone to live as you tell them to.

  12. cooking vegan meals is easy, i’ve already been vegetarian for ~4 years and most of what i cook is already unintentionally vegan, the thing i struggle with is snacks and candy, a week in and i already miss stuff like twix and malteesers and choco mentos

  13. I decided I’m going to go vegan. I saw something on Twitter the other day about Horses being slaughtered and it had stuck in my mind to be honest.

  14. If y’all want a traumatizing vegan film earthings will mess you tf up. Huge trigger for animal abuse

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  16. My biggest concern is how this alternatives are made ? In a lab 🧪?? Full of chemicals ? I don’t know who is done and I don’t trust it , that’s my only thing that holds me to become vegan 🌱 also looking to go pescatarian still doing research on Botha Can someone fill in ? Thank you 😊

  17. First thing I love my red meat! But at 63 I found out I have a large stone in my gallbladder. Which means I can not eat meat. I can tolerate fish. Good news is that I love veggies. My question was how to handle the daily protein ratio. Thank you for this video!

  18. I’m just being vegan and I’m literally just eating vegan nuggets by morning star and fruit salad LMAO .

  19. Wonderful video! I would just like to add to movies for vegan conversion inspiration, ‘The Game Changes’ documentary from 2018. It’s focus is predominantly on the effects of athlete diets and their performance. Especially athletes that are typically associated with meat = protein and strong, like power lifters, NFL players etc. It’s a really good watch for everyone. One thing I learned from it that isn’t common knowledge is there’s a component that’s only in meat called heme iron and it’s responsible for a lot of weight gain and especially fatty arteries. So it’s good to show people who want to loose weight or people in the “masculine” meat = muscles and strong paradigm.

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