1. Im 14, i mesure 168 cm or 5.5 foot and weight 90 to 91 kg or 198 pounds (Canadian so we use the metric systeme) and ive been constanly weighting myself for 2 weeks. I was doing what i always do and saw that my weight never really changes. So I decided to start exercising a bit but i was wondering if you could tell me what to do to help me lose weight easly.I already eat pretty “healthy” (no chips, no sugary juice and candy, no pizza and fast food, well ya get it!) And i walk to go anywhere. When we have P.I, i always participate. When i get home i just watch Tv and do my homework. Please PLZ! Tell me what i have to do and how i can change my “lifestyle” to be healthier!! Should i go vegan!? 😵😭 Thx in advance!

    1. My advise would be to stop weighing yourself, because it can be so demotivating. Just keep being healthy, be nice to yourself and measure how many inches/cm you lose and watch how much stronger you get instead 👍🏼💪🏼 I once were size Xs and now I am xl, but I was not feeling better in my skin back then. My point is: you are doing a great job, just focus on being strong and healthy for life and you will not only reach your physical goal, but feel better as well ☺️ Hope it makes sense. Messaging all the way from Norway 😀

    2. Thank you so much for the advices! I feel a lot better! I will try not to weight myself and focus on my health!

  2. my first day and honestly that last one killed me but I actually feel great after drinking water, I’m so glad I found your channel and can not wait for my results, if it goes well i’ll share it with everyone because I know a few people who would love this 🙂 I feel so happy – and sweaty but energised. Thanks! and wish me luck!

    1. Day 2- it was easier then the previous day, ive drunk a bunch of water and eaten more healthier then normal. I feel a great change already and I can not wait to see the outcome!

  3. Okay so last night I saw this video and decided to take a try since other work outs didn’t work. So this is my first time and like everyone ese I’m going to write a journal here just to know my results. Here goes nothing.
    *Day 1:* Today’s my first day and I’m really obese for a 15 year old girl. I weigh 220 and I’m hoping to lose it all when doing this. It was really challenging for me because I’m not really use to exercising. I had to take 4 pauses which I’m not proud of it. Let’s hope tomorrow will be better.
    *Day 2:* worked out today once again and I only made 2 pauses and the last one still gets me tired but I’ll soon accomplish it. So far no notice today for my stomach as it’s still the same size but you know you can’t lose weight in one day it takes time. I’m pretty proud with only 2 pauses though. *Update!* Got really soar around my stomach.
    *Day 3:* I worked out today and no pauses! I’m really proud that I didn’t pause! Since I’m taking photos to see my weight slim down, I really didn’t see a change. It takes time. I’m pretty sure I lost 2 inches 😅
    *Day 4:* Today’s workout was pretty easy. The crutches still gets me but other than that I felt good while working out! It wasn’t hard! No pauses once again!
    *Day 5:* I’ve notice a slight change on my tummy! No one else noticed but I did! Today work out was pretty easy once agin when you get use to it! I’m still going to continue this for not only seven days but the whole summer and maybe during school days!
    *Day 6:* I’ve noticed difference with my tummy!!! I’m really proud!!! I also didn’t pause again and I beat crutches!!! Crutches is easy for me now!!!
    *Day 7:* Thank you for reading this and seeing if this workout really works. All I have to say is that the workout gets hard on the first day and you’ll start feeling soar the second but it’s worth it because this workout really does work! I hope you consider trying as for I, I’m going to do this everyday for the mornings because it’s not about the the 7 day challenge, it’s about getting healthy. Thank you once again and I’ll try to update you all every week!
    *Week 1:* Worked out all week and I slacked off on Saturday but the next day (today/Sunday) I worked out once more. Gotta exercise everyday if I want to get slimmer! Also my parents noticed my lost weight too!

    1. Gamer girl /roblox/games for girls I ate normally but in smaller amounts. For example a hamburger. I only ate half and save the other half for later. I replaced every liquid that I drank with water! Sorry for the late response too, was sort of busy.

    2. Josita V I did not. I only ate smaller amounts like half of the food or a small bowl, but did drink a whole amount of water.

    3. dmia_44 I didn’t measure myself I only depended on time lapse photo, but you can see a direct chance on the stomach!

    4. Mystery For Now Sort of. I mean I took a whole week off last week and it was really bad, but yes!

  4. Gonna try thos after my parents are gone. I dont think i cant do it. Like im a 68 kilo boy and im turning 14 in 9 days. Its currently my summer vacations and i have 2 months for this. I just wish i can be someone athletic again and be like my classmates in 8th grade

    1. Funky Gamer don’t worry bro I know what u feel like I’m pretty heavy and starting football in a month

    2. I can relate. I don’t want my parent to know because they would give this long talk about how I should be proud of myself and stuff. I am a boy and I’m quite overweight and I hope you have amazing results

    3. Park Jimin My little mochi bts songs do help while working out😂😂. Im 67 kgs and am 18 years old🙈. Hope this goes well

    4. Dont give up! My son is a 8th grader too! He quit junk food and unhealthy food, one hour of exercise a day and he shed 20lbs in 4 months. Stay motivated and you will feel your best in no time, I believe you can do it!

  5. Amazing Results! I am sooooo Happy🤩🤩❤️❤️🤩❤️😍
    Hey Everyone
    I started this workout on 7th September 2018.
    Day 1
    Did this workout exactly the way she said. Did warm up first (100 jumping jacks) as it is important to get the body in flow for this non-stop workout. I would say it was pretty easy for me to do these exercises as I do 1 hour of circular training every now and then which includes 5 of these exercises. But still I got a bit tired in between.
    I will take my measurements now. As I did the Day 1 as trial to see if it is possible to do these exercises in one go. I am happy with it so I will continue. Will add my measurements and update you all everyday for 7 days. Also I am eating healthy and will do 1 hour of my gym apart from this as that is my daily routine so let’s see how much more I lose. Wish me luck ❤️
    Upper Waist (Narrow Part) 29″
    Lower Waist (Broader Part) 36″
    Day 2
    Just did the workout. I would say today was a bit hard to do. But definitely I feel energetic and happy. I feel that I will definitely see the results in someway even if it is just the lifestyle change. But this is great guys. Please do it.
    Okay so I just checked my measurements again after Day 2 and I am surprised that My broader waist is already 34″. That’s insane. I have already lost 2″ I have been dieting as well. But that’s insane. I’ll check again tomorrow. Because I just can’t believe.
    Day 3
    Completed it yesterday along with another 7 min challenge that Lucy posted a month back.
    It is fun to do a 15 min workout though it is hard. But I really want results and make myself feel better so I am going to do it. Also I have started Intermittent Fasting yesterday so today I’ll complete 2 days of that as well.
    Let’s see how much I lose after completing 4 more days.
    Day 4
    Completed 🤩
    I feel so happy that I could actually do it with my normal 1 hr workout and Intermittent Fasting.
    Weight Before: 59.9
    Weight After 4 days: 58.8kgs

    1. hey.
      wishing you all the best in this journey. I will be following the same and will see what the result comes. ☺

  6. I have started this challenge today . Am seriously going go work hard for this challenge. And yeah update my experience.
    1st day: I did this challenge twice today . I wouldnt say it was a full on full intense exercise. I have some yoga practice. May be thats why i felt this a bit easy . It was pretty good for me. I dint feel anything. Neither tired nor energized. But yeah i sweated. And thats a good sign . Drinking lots of water. I put clove,cinnamon, and fenugreek in water and leave it over night and drink it.

    2nd day: i did it only once today coz i had a hectic shedule. I did the workouts more vigorously than yestrday. I sweated a lot. Am nt feeling tired. But leg muscles and waist muscles are painful

    3rd day: I felt today was a bit too intense . My body is paining a bit. But i feel so light . I could do exercises more fast and stretch better. I am happy.

    4th day: Hi again . All these days i did this exercise during evening . Today i did it morning . And am feeling so less stressed. Am feeling so light. Body pain has reduced drastically . I measured my waist at d start of this challenge. I am waiting to measure my waist after the challenge

    5th day: i finally did catch up with lucy’s pace. I am sweating profusely. Feeling more tired today . But i can feel that my waist is kind of getting into shape. I will reveal my measures on the 8th day .

    6th day: the oly thing i can say is . I have completely got energy i can do all exercises wid d same pace as lucy . Not at all tired. But yeah waist pain is persisting

    7th day: hmmmmmmm what is left to tell ????i dono . I completed the challenge successfully. Am so happy😀😀😀😀 and yeah i can see some changes in my waist size. I will be measuring my waist tomo and also weight.
    Also one more thing i wanna say is i dint feel it reduced my belly fat on the front . I still feel its there.

    My final measurements after taking up 7 days challenge
    Before challenge:
    Narrowest part of waist: 53.6cm
    Widest part of waist : 69.6cm

    After challenge :
    Narrowest part of waist: 50cm
    Widest part of waist: 60cm

    Thankyou Lucy . You inspired me to get out of my bed and work out and keep my body healthy . Now onto ur other challenges😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😉

  7. Keeping track of this:
    Day 1: don’t believe it but y not try? I tried it and felt pretty good after everything was really easy😂 I ate healthy as well
    Day 2: I ate so much today and then I did this work out…the last one was so harddddd it was painful but I feel good! I checked my weight and I gained two pounds?! Probs cuz I ate too much!!!
    Day 3: In the morning, I ran quite a lot. Around four pm, I did this work out and saw that I had burned the two pounds that I gained yesterday!!! I also ate healthier today!
    Day 4: I’ll keep u posted

  8. Hi Lucy I just started my challenge today.. December 10,2018 age 44, Weight 65kls.. Waistline 33.. At first its really hard for me but after the work out I really feel good 👍.. Amazing 😮… Guys try it too for a healthy and happy 😄 life.. Have a bless 🙏 day to all…

  9. I’m a mom of 4,2 teen boys a 10yr old girl and 5yr old boy…I’m told I “look like I’m 20yrs old” all the time and get really nice compliments..however,no one knows just how unhealthy I am and that’s bc I’m so busy with my kid..that Iv been lazy and slacked on keeping me healthy…i mean,i must stay healthy if I wanna be there for my kids right? Anyway,im 36 and I was 107lbs at 5’4 just this past summer(June 2018)…now I’m back up to 133 and stay between 126 to 135.I often wondered why 1 wk id fit perfect into a size 2/4 jean then another a 6 being I rarely eat a whole good meal..I drink iced coffee,a bit of soda and will snack while making dinner..yes I know,VERY unhealthy..and as an ex cheerleader,track star in college and use to feel like I lived in the gym,I’m ashamed Iv let myself go..So many will look at me and say”Omg your prefect”..and it’s irritating bc I may LOOK that way to others,yet being unhealthy is NOT perfect! Iv had my thyroid checked(bc of the crazy up and downs in weight change)and every thing you can thinkof to rule out health issues and all have been fine..I’m even on a medication for my ADHD that should give me energy but I’m STILL just not really feeling full of energy like I use to..To shorten what I’m saying up,I just wanna know if there’s anyone else that feels this way,and what you’ve done to better your lifestyle..I will definitely be giving this video a try starting tomorrow! Just wanted to share this as I really hope someone can relate to me,and give me their best advice on getting healthier and regaining my energy and of course,staying fit! Thanks in advance,and great video btw!! ✌❤😊

    1. P.s. getting rid of the coffee and soda I’m aware is a MUST and also something Iv been doing great with working on…I simply can’t eat much before I feel full and can’t find anything healthy that replaces the sugary drinks.

  10. As a disclaimer, I’d like the say the obvious: everyone’s body is different and my routine probably has many faults, but it’s better than what I’m used to doing – sitting and eating while watching shows on my couch/bed and then scolding myself afterwards for being at such an uncomfortable physical state.

    • I’m 19 and I weigh 190 lbs at 5’7″ and this is the start of a healthier lifestyle for me. I’d like to be utterly honest about my workouts and such, so I’ll write everything I plan to do within these seven days.

    • I’d like to say that before I started this video (March 5th), I drank a bottle of water about 30 min or so before my workout (started at 8 am) and every third hour I will continue to do so. My planned times are – 7:30 am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm (I set an alarm for each). Of course, each water bottle I have is about (~16 oz) which is around 2 cups of water, so if I cant finish it, I’ll leave it for a later time (before meals) but I want to drink at least four out of the five.

    • I did about 2 miles of walking/jogging (I jogged for like a song and a half, so maybe 5 – 6 min and sped walked the rest) on a treadmill. When I started to get tired, tired after the first mile, I turned my show on and just walked the another mile.

    • By the time I turned this video on (I had tried it before in the summer and on the 4th day I was already feeling good about myself – mood wise, not physically wise because let’s be real, it was four days and I didn’t do anything else outside of just following the video, so I didn’t feel as motivated and I went back to eating unhealthy) I was already lowkey tired, but Lucy is super encouraging about it, so I continued.

    • Foodwise, I’m not going to take in any sugary drinks or foods. I’ll try to stay away from fried foods as well, but I’m planning to eat a meal every four hours (9:30 am today because I wake up lateish – I’m being honest, 1:30 pm, and 5:30. I know myself and I know I’ll get hungry in between or after, so everytime I am, I’ll eat a fruit – I won’t be super strict on which ones because hello, I’m not a nutritionist lol. However, for sure no more food after 7 pm (this one was recommended by MY doctor, but it may not be the same for you idk).

    • I already know a lot of you will be commenting about something wrong with my plan, but like can you please not discourage me? It’s already super hard for me to be active, and I don’t mean to sound like a totally sensitive person, but I’ve been stuck here for a really long time and I hope to motivate myself by letting other people know that it’s okay to start somewhere even if it isn’t perfect (just be safe with it ofc).

    • My routine may not work out for you, but I’m not writing a guide for anyone. I’m simply sharing my story, so that you hopefully find your own in whatever shape or form that may be (again, please do it safely).

    • As a side note, I’m Mexican so my parents cook some bombass (but greasy 🤦🏻‍♀️) food, so that’s a challenge within itself 😭. However, unhealthy food is always going to be right there for me. I want to feel confident about myself and my body.

    • I dont have a set weight because I dont want to force my body to change from one night to the next. I just want to know that I’m doing something for myself. However, I will post my weight after the 7th date because maybe some of you need a little reassurance before you begin and that’s okay! However, if I cheat or change something or whatever, I’ll be 100% honest – promise (:

    • If I dont lose weight, but feel good about myself, I’ll also be honest about that.

    • Feel free to ask my anything and THANK YOU LUCY FOR GIVING ME A BEGINNING 💕

    Day 1: ✔
    Day 2: ✔ I’m so sore lol
    Day 3: ✔ I saw an improvement in my stamina! I jogged four songs without stopping! Almost a full mile at 4.5 speed setting.
    Day 4: ✔ I’ve noticed that with all the excercises I’ve been doing and the enjoyably (as well as healthy) meals I’ve been eating, I’m starting to see a slight change on the sides of my waist. I don’t have as many prominent “rolls” lol. There’s a slight shape to my waist now. Can’t say I’m not excited at this small indicator (:
    Day 5: ✔ “damn girl let me breathe” – actual words I said after excercise 2. Honestly, I almost gave up because I couldn’t find a way to push myself today, but I remembered my goals and how I’m over halfway done. I got my lazy ass up and started the treadmill before I clicked back to this video. Barely did #5 but hey, it was better than my original plan, which was to take the day off. So proud!
    Day 6: ✖ I injured myself today so I was unable to continue my workouts 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Day 7: ✖ looking back, I’m glad I gave myself these two resting days for my injury. My body was super tired 😭

    End weight: 184 lbs. Within a span of 5 days, I lost 6 lbs! (:

  11. This seems perfect! I am going to do this every other day, on the off days I plan to do Emi Wong’s 15 minute no jumping HIIT workout! Starting tomorrow (my off day) pls remind me to update and I will.

    Forgot to mention yesterday, I’m 14 and am going to be 15 at the end of the month so I’m trying to slim down cuz I’m not happy with myself. I’m not really an unhealthy weight, I have a BMI of 19.5 but I have unhealthy habits like bad eating and sitting literally all day (I have online school so I literally just move from my bed to my chair). I am unhappy with my body but really I’m the reason it doesn’t look the way I want and I want to be healthier while I can do it doesn’t negatively impact me later in life. Anyway, my ted talks over so let’s see how I’m doing.

    Day 4 (May 4th 2019): omg I hated this. My body’s sore from doing the fifteen minute one yesterday, so I didn’t want to do this. The fact that there’s no breaks suck!!! Lol, but it was a good workout and I’m sweating like crazy. I wonder how many calories this burns. I know it depends on weight but I’m curious. I don’t have a Fitbit or anything so is there another way to tell? Lol I’m dumb. Anyway day (technically day one of doing this workout) 4 of my journey. Tbh I’m not eating much differently but whatever. Buh bye!

    Day 6: DARSH FRICKIN DARNIT MY PERIOD STARTED UGH. Sorry I’m not gonna work out on my period, so I’ll come back when it’s over and start over. However I’ll walk or something everyday and not eat bad so I maintain my weight for when I come back mkay bye till then

    Why are there so many of these that don’t update? Seriously it’s only 7 minutes and it’s not difficult lol.

  12. I’m going to be completely honest here and try and do it every day but I don’t have a scale to weigh myself so I’ll just say the results by looks and how I feel(I am doing this with a healthy(at least I’m trying) diet PLEASE GIVE ME A LIKE FOR SUPPORT IM ABOUT 176 and 5’6

    Day 1: I did most of it except on the one where you have to go down to the floor and get back up because it was super hard but I did most of them
    [breakfast today was 1cup of oatmeal w/1 tblsp of honey , a whole mango and some water

    Day 2: it got easier to do the workouts and I did all of them I used the couch on the one where you walk your hands down though because I’m still working on that one I saw my belly a tiny bit flatter this morning and I sweat a bit more today too and did a 20 min walk! So far so good 😊 please keep me motivated

  13. ok soo… after being insecure of my body for atleast half of my life, i decided to take the action to actually workout and eat healthier.
    I doubt this will work on day one but looking at me now, it really worked out great.
    i used to be extremely overweight. I was only 154cm but weigh 66kg. Now, i balanced it out by weighing only 47 kg!!
    My previous waist measurement is around 31 inches, but now i dropped 5 inches of my waist!!
    This whole process only took me 1-2 months??? Wow now it kinda sounds like a miracle omg
    If u are thinking whether u should try it, think no more! U are not going to regret it! the end results are the most rewarding !!

    1. @R Dhankwala your not the only one I’m 13 to and I want to loose belly fat because I want to feel good about myself and you know I see other skinny girls out there that were nice shirts and pants and they show there belly button 😂and olso because I’m still young I have my whole life to live you know and I just whant to go to school pretty and fealing good about myself 🤣😂and now that we are out of school because of coronavirus I can start losing weight by doing exercises every day drink lots of water and eat healthy and than 😱😱omg I did it I lost weight yaay finally haah and olso I am pretty I have a pretty face and nice but 😁😂sorry and nice brown hair and brown eyes and stuff it’s just the belly fat that I need to lose hahaha I’m actually not that fat it’s just a little blubber 😂🤣I know I can do I have faith that i will well I hope so 😂😊😊😊

  14. I’ve been obsessed with Lucy and her workout videos ever since I found her page! I started my weight loss journey on September 19th 2019, and I weighed 250 pounds (I’m 5’5 and 20 years old for context). I’ve been doing her 7 minute back workout twice a day and her 7 minute love handle workout and with incorporating lots of water and eating better, I’m sitting at 218 pounds right now!! (December 2nd 2019). I’m going to add this workout to my routine as my stomach is one of my problem areas as well. Gonna update this comment for the next seven days to mark my progress and to help keep me accountable as well.

    Day 1 (218.8 lbs, waist-34 inches, hips-48 inches) – this was hard but I pushed myself and I feel good! definitely got my heart rate going and got me sweating as well! 1 down, 6 to go

    Day 2- this day was a lot harder!! I definitely feel the soreness, I decided to do it first thing in the morning to burn more calories instead of at night like I usually do and I think I’ll stick to this schedule! 2 down, 5 to go

    Day 3: so I’ve been doing the love handle workout, back work out and this workout for three days and I am SORE! I definitely feel muscle soreness in my waist and definitely my thighs and butt as well! I decided to measure myself just for fun and I’ve already lost half an inch off my waist and 1 inch off my thighs! I’ll update my weight tomorrow to see how much I’ve lost since the start! 3 down, 4 to go!

    Day 4: I weighed myself this morning and i’m at 216.4 lbs so I’ve lost 2.4 lbs since I started this 7 day workout! I find that each day gets a little bit easier to do even though I feel sore, the 6th move is definitely where I feel most tension which means its working! i’m anxious to see my final results! 4 down, 3 to go!

    Day 5: by far the easiest day I’ve had, I didn’t find myself as out of breath as i usually do! Soreness is still there in the waist though lol 5 down, 2 more days to go!! 🙏🏾

    Day 6: flew through the workout today! decided to weigh myself today just to check in and I’m at 214 lbs 🙂 so I’ve lost 4.4 pounds since I’ve started doing this workout! Last day tomorrow!!

    Day 7: yay!! Last day, today was definitely the easiest and I’m happy I went through the full 7 days!! I had to do it at night today but tomorrow morning I’ll take my measurements and weigh myself so I can have a true result of how much I’ve lost!

    Final measurements: Waist- 33.5inches, Hips- 45 inches! Weight- 212lbs!

    Summary: In 1 week doing this workout and eating healthy and drinking water, I lost 6.8 pounds, half an inch off of my waist and 3 inches off my hips! Would I recommend this? ABSOLUTELY! They say there’s no short cut when it comes to weight loss but this is pretty close! Just 7 minutes a day for 7 days allowed me lose 3.5 inches total and almost 7 pounds in a week! I like this routine so much that I think I’m gonna continue for 3 more weeks and maybe update here some more every 7 days! For anyone wondering whether or not this works, I’m living proof it does! I’m honestly one of the laziest people ever so if i can do it, you definitely can! Just stay consistent and patient! Thanks Lucy!! 🙂

  15. 🌸Keeping track:🌸

    Day 1 (4/5/2020)
    146-145 pounds. (I don’t have a tape measure but I do have a scale and my goal is to lose weight/slim down!)
    I feel like I did a few of the workouts wrong at first. But I WAS trying!!
    I felt the heat the most with the last workout definitely.
    What I ate today:
    A few almonds
    2 small quesadillas
    A banana.
    I took a nap and then had some seafood. I did this workout again 2 hrs later.

    Day 2 (4/6/2020)
    I ate an avocado in the morning bc I was craving that and then fell asleep.
    When I woke up, I did the workout. Now I’m about to exfoliate & shower, and after I’ll have some grapes and protein bar
    I also had chorizo con huevo.
    And I did this workout out again
    By the second workout this day I learned how to do all of them correctly now. And I can do the third one with more ease than the beginning! Yay!
    Day 3:(4/7/2020)

    Noticeably my stomach looks a little thinner than before :)) Wow! I’m so gonna do this until day 7!
    Had a banana earlier
    Did the workout
    Later on I had grilled chicken w mac n cheese, small portions.

    Day 4 (4/8/2020)
    Am looking slightly thinner, still got chubs doe, but I just compared pics from day 1 to now, and my fat belly has noticeably slimmed! It’s just not there yet. But that’s why I’ll keep trying!
    Did the workout
    Eating half of a veggie burrito
    Had 1 granola bar

    Day 5 (4/9/2020)
    Did the workout again. Slight results
    I also started intermittent fasting. I’m currently in my eating window! I sleep throughout most of my fast.
    I had a baked potato,
    Some fruit with peanut butter + granola bar,
    2 cups of popcorn n string cheese. 🙂

    Day 6 (4/10/2020)
    I woke up feeling like I was DEAD, pretty sure from the fasting I just started + my sleep schedule is bad (on timing, but I do get enough sleep most the time!)
    Okay. Sooo today I had:
    Oatmeal with cinnamon (super yummy!!! I’ve been craving that since yesterday)
    Milk tea that I made.
    Then I had chicken vegetable soup w my family. It was delicious & super good in protein!!
    After that, I did some cleaning for a few hours, then I did the workout and drank myself another milk tea.
    I find I can do the workout more easier than the beginning. I can kick better, get off floor with a little more ease etc.
    Also yesterday and today I was really tempted by cinnamon rolls that we have at the house. But I still managed to keep my calories under control! I cut the roll in 4 equal pieces which makes 1 piece 60 calories, and I only eat one a day for a little dessert/sweet craving! Other than that I’ve been eating healthier than I was before!

    It’s been 6 days. One more to go..
    And I already see results, in more than just my stomach. I’ve always had a chubby stomach so it’s not all the way down yet, but that’s okay because even after the 7 days I’m going to keep following your workouts Lucy! Because this one has helped improve my body! I noticed my tummy slightly more down than before, not only that but I look healthier and slimmer around my face and neck. I look at before pictures and I’m like wow!! I looked like crap and now I have a prettier frame and glow!! Thank you so much!! Love your work!

    Day 7:
    I ate first (some days I worked out first but I’d say I mostly ate first) because I didn’t have energy until I ate something. Worked out.
    Weight: 144.4.
    Now the last time I weighed myself I was 146, I said 146-145 because I wasn’t 100% sure. But I definitely lost something in these 7 days! And it’s only 7 minutes! Plus I started eating healthier than what I normally used to eat!

    Things I noticed:
    •My face and neck looks thinner; my collarbones and neck muscles pop out more when I turn my head than before I used to have chubby face/neck etc. my slight double chin is almost gone now. My veins around my neck show more.
    •my body doesn’t look as sloppy as it did before. I’m still chubby (which is why I’m going to continue doing Lucy’s workouts, another video of hers for this week!)
    •I can do the workouts I struggled with a lot in the beginning with much more ease. I still struggle with first one a little bit, but it’s gotten better! I used to not be able to do the third one at all and now I can do that one like nothing!

    Overall I feel better physically on the inside and I look a little better too. I honestly love Lucy so much for her motivation and workout plans. Also I haven’t really worked out since last year and even then I didn’t work out a lot most of my life so this makes me feel better mentally and stronger, which is honestly just what I needed. Thank you so much!

  16. Love the fact that she mentions that the exercises are gonna help us have a healthy life, are good for our well being and helps to avoid health conditions rather than “this exercise is gonna help you fit in that dress” Love her for this! ❤

  17. Ou I’m gonna start the update from today, it’s my 3rd day and i can actually see the difference so I’m starting from today, I’ll write my first two days experience too.
    Day1- Felt tired but after showering, felt fresh.
    Day2- same thing.
    Day3- didn’t feel too tired and can can see a bit of difference below my navel.
    Day4- i feel a bit tired and a bit unmotivated but i did it and i feel much better now.
    Results are same.
    Day5- i feel less tired and kinda active and fresh. I guess my tummy went in a bit lol.
    Day6- same
    Day7- felt extremely lazy to do this but did it anyway and now i feel active.
    Results: i lost a bit of fat from my hips. Its worth doing it guys. It makes you active and also keeps u energized throughout the day. I’m gonna continue this for 3 more weeks and i’ll update after that! Till then, bye. Have a good and healthy life. Thanks lucy! ♥

  18. I was going to start this until she mentioned I HAVE to have a healthy diet and eat good nutritional foods! Can someone PLEASE guide me with this?? I have NO idea what to eat to live a healthy lifestyle. I think that’s why I never feel great IN GENERAL. Started doing Yoga so thats been helpful but I’m ready for phase 2 which is – THIS VIDEO!!!

    thanks in advance for any suggestions given!!! xx

    1. To have a healthier lifestyle, you could have 3 full meals per day as usual breakfast lunch and dinner but try not to eat after about 8pm and try to cut out as many snacks you can as they are extra calories you don’t need. Also try to drink a lot of water at least 2 litres a day it will really help and instead of drinking juices or sugary drinks you could maybe replace them with green tea or detox water such as lemon water or anything else you want like cucumbers, oranges, etc. Hope this helped and good luck!

  19. Lucy is 49 years old now. She was born on Dec 21, 1970. She will be 50 this year. She looks very good for her age. Healthy lifestyle that what it is. Good on you Lucy. I am one of your fan on your 7 minutes workout to lose belly fat and burn calories.

  20. Did this a couple years ago and got a lot of compliments! With a healthy diet and being constant gives u really good results. Promise! Doing it rn and ready to have a new lifestyle! I promise it’s worth it!!!

  21. I started my workout today. 2nd May 2021.
    Day1 : Done ( Feels so good and light already )
    Day2 : Done ( feels so good)
    Day3 : Done ( amazing feeling)
    Day4 : Done (did it again 😊, feels great)
    Day5 : Done (awee consistency 😊)
    Day 6: Done ( feeling of lossing some inches)
    Day 7: OK, lost 1 inches from my waist 😊
    Day 8: Done, maintaining consistency
    Day 9 : Done ( added one more 7 min lower body workout from today )
    Day10: Done ( feels amazing)
    Day 11: Done ( I feel my arms is also getting toned )
    Day 12 : Done ( feels my body is getting into shape )
    Day13 : Done ( feels my love handles is getting into shape 😃 )
    Day 14 : Done ( was feeling lazy to start because of weekend, but so satisfying after finishing 😄)
    Day 15: Done ( started with lots of motivation and ended with satisfaction)
    Day16:Done ( feeling bit toned, but still yet to see significant changes)
    Day17: Done ( hoping to get some positive result by the end of this month, let’s see, however mentally and emotionally I am already feeling strong)
    //**Skipped a day ( tired because of lack of sleep)
    Day18: Done ( feels good to resume it)
    //**Skipped again because of weekend however I did compensated with doing household chores 😁
    Day19: Done ( Getting easier day by day, I feel my body toned but still yet to see some significant changes)
    Day20: Done ( my tummy fat still looks stubborn, sometime I loose patience but I want to give it try for a month atleast, if I see any little changes after month, I am planning to continue this exercise for 4 months )
    Day21 : Done (OMG, can’t believe I am consistent for last 21 days, I am motivated to continue until I see some significant changes )
    Day22 : Done ( I feel my tummy is getting into bit shape now 😁)
    Day23: Done( Exercise makes me learn to be patient and consistent to see the positive results 😀)
    //Skipped because of weekend
    Day24: Done( feels much more defined abs 😊)
    //Skipped for 2 days ( period)
    Day25: Done ( takes good amount of motivation to start after 2 days break 🙂 )
    Day26: Done ✔
    Day27: Done
    Day28: Started with other fat burning exercise, however I will continue this as well.
    Final update : After working hard for 28 days I lost 1 inch from my waist 1 inch from my hip and lost 2kg weight. Guys this exercise is so doable and can help in maintaining consistency as just a matter of 7 mins. I will contniue doing this exercise and bring this exercise into my healthy lifestyle.
    Thanks all for following up on my comments 🙏🙏.
    I would recommend this exercise to everyone. It does work guys, all you need to maintain is consistency and be patient with your body. You will see magical result. Keep going 💪

    I am first planning to continue for a month before I give my measurement updates to you guys.
    Stay Tuned !!
    FYI, on my 3rd day of exercise I am 72kg. Will keep you posted if I loose some weight as I go along with this exercise.
    BTW, on my 9th day of exercise I lost 1 kg of weight i.e. 71kg.
    Aim is to get to 65 kg, lets see how long it can take me get there.
    Can’t wait to see my results on 30th day of exercise.

    // Guys I have also adjusted a little bit of my diet, just a portion control and junk out.
    // To be honest, I have been continuing this exercise for last 20 days, but the changes I see on myself visually is very less. However, I must say doing exercise really gives me good flexibility and keep your mind focussed. And moreover it boost your confidence level, stamina and will make you learn to be patient. To see long lasting results you really have to work longer. And I believe in achieving long term results, we can get things instantly and then it may vanish in no time. For that you really have to be consistent and develop a habit of healthy lifestyle rather than just thinking for instant change. You body is not making instant noodles, it does takes good amount of dedication and I am dedicated towards it. 😊

    // Guys, I added detox drink ( lemon and cucumber) just to boost my metabolism. Rest of the things remains same.

    1. @Roxy Snoop just this video( 7 mins) . Really keeping me motivated as this exercise is not so long and everyday it motivates me with feeling , I just have to give 7 minutes for myself everyday 😊

    2. @Yeetus Feetus, hmm I think its not showing you correct day. For me its showing right day . For reference you can check my start date, its 2nd May 2021

  22. guys, Im here because Im tryna get my glow up. After months of crying myself to sleep. Insecurity. Im gonna do it. I have motivation 🙂 Ill keep yall updated
    Edit: Day 1: 168
    Day 3: 165
    Day 5: I took a rest because My body couldn’t handle running or anything (Everything was sore). But I still managed o control my eating and take some walks 🙂
    Day 6: I kind of cheated and feel bad. So to make up for the calories that I gained. I’m going to play soccer Later on Today 😀 (I was already planning to anyway) and run like hell!!! See you in another 1-2 days!!!
    Its been 1 week, Im starting to see results :)))
    Guys, Im currently going threw some serious shit thats keeping me from focusing on my workout. But Ill still keep you updated.
    ITS WORKING :)))) 160 and I’m gaining muscle as well!!! just in the arms tho but still!!

  23. A message for everyone (probably tik tockers) just getting into health and fitness

    While it is true that cutting all of your sugar and reducing what you eat will get rid of body fat, there are a lot of downsides. The best thing you could do is to ease into it. Lowering sugar is what had the biggest impact for me, but don’t go too crazy on diet because what will end up happening is you relapse even if just for one meal.

    !!! The main goal of this is to make this part of your lifestyle !!! In other words, its not about having a summer bod, its about having a summer spring fall and winter bod.

    If you don’t think that you can sustain the diet that you are doing or the exercise routine indefinitely then you should make it so that you can, and then eventually you could increase difficulty or switch some things up to make it interesting. (don’t do fad diets)

    Back to “don’t go too crazy on diet”, try to eat foods that still taste good while being healthy. It sounds pretty mystical because it seems that the worse it tastes the better it is for you, but there is a lot of good food that is still healthy and when it tastes good you are less likely to opt in for unhealthy food in a “cheat day” or even “cheat meal”(which is opposite of what you should be aiming for.)

    And lastly, don’t listen to anyone in the comment section, even me because most of these people came from tik toc just like you probably did and have no experience. I don’t even have experience, I’ve only really been working for a few months. Go to youtubers like AthleanX or Fraser Wilson. Even if they aren’t fit skinny girls with nice asses (which I assume most of these viewers are female), they have some of the best advice and workouts.

  24. I did this video along with the back fat video, and BRUH, I LOST 3 POUNDS IN A WEEK, this is so motivating to me, I almost cried, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE VIDEOS!!!

    1. @Brooklynn Elise It’s only been 3 days. Now, read that sentence loudly and realize that you don’t lose fat that fast. You need to be committed by doing intense workouts and having a healthy diet if you want to see fast and good results

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