54 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes 🍟 (WITHOUT Oil!)

  1. Is an Air Fryer really different than using an oven or a toaster oven? πŸ€”
    I guess it would be a great portable mini oven type appliance tho.

  2. What might be some everyday, easy air fryer recipes?? (Because I am deciding to buy an air fryer for my dorm room and it will be the only appliance I have)

  3. I cannot do any Soy, Tofu and the like. So I am just gonna drizzle Just Mayo brand , vegan Thousand Island sauce all over my Vegan Animal In N’ Out Fries. YUM! πŸ˜‹

  4. got an airfryer last black friday and it was the best purchase ever, i use it everyday and i recently got into tofu so ofc ive been cooking tofu in it !!

  5. I love your recipe for onion rings. I have the GoWise air fryer and it’s very much like yours. It works well, so at this point I won’t swap it out. I really appreciate this recipe without oil. Huge mahalo!!

  6. This looks good. I just bought an air fryer and made french fries to try it out. I was very disappointed. I hope this comes out better. Then I made potatoe chips, which was good, but it would be an all day venture to make enough for night-time snacks for a family.

  7. I’m going to try both just got an air fryer and I’m loving it so far! and you make me wish I was forty years younger !!! You are beautiful !!!

  8. Good video but it seems like everyone is sponsoring affected air fryers vs just doing recipes.

  9. You still pronounce turmeric incorrectly. πŸ˜€ what’s with all the vegans calling it tumeric (‘R’ isn’t silent !)

  10. This recipe sounds too difficult. 8-10 minutes frying time is too much to keep any rings of the prior rings alive…

  11. great!!! thank you so much. just got my first airfryer and just became a plant based whole food eater!!

  12. So Caitlin, these were so good I ate until I couldn’t anymore. I have an IP air fryer lid and used the same time and temperature perfection! I used Vidalia onions, the double layer method definitely made a difference. They held up so well. I loved these more than any onion ring I’ve ever had hands down. How do you have winners ALL the time?

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