61 thoughts on “HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

  1. But where do you get your protein? I’m answering that question in today’s recipe video! Each recipe is linked in the description so check it out! ALSO this video is not to tell you that you should be counting the amount of protein you’re eating, or measuring anything out, this was purely done for your information to show how much protein you CAN get from plants. ALSO before I receive another comment about soy being too high in estrogen for men IT IS A MYTH! Soy has PHYTOestrogens which is different from estrogen and affects us differently (we aren’t plants). You should be more concerned with the actual estrogen in animal products, because manboobs are much more likely to be a result of overeating diary than soy. https://freefromharm.org/health-nutrition/vegan-doctor-addresses-soy-myths-and-misinformation/

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  2. I’m not vegan ,but I think the problem to me is when i tried to eat vegan protien (without supplements) ,my fat/carb daily intake will be high too…since I’m at cut phase cant’t have high fat or carb ..I think even at bulk phase those meals seems high in fat way to much..

  3. She’s telling you not to count and worry about. This is an insane amount of calories. To note, I am a 5’11 172 pound Male that weight lifts 6 days a week and does cardio 5. 3,000 – 3100 calories puts me in a calorie surplus. You definitely need to monitor that and take note. Especially if you are a female your body will require MUCH less.

  4. y’all heard her, no need to eat beans or tofu bc spinach and broccoli are high in protein 😳😳😳 wtf

  5. Cant stop laughing. I like you two! Im definitly like him (all mixed and put sweet fingers in it) Subscribed!!! One more french canadian yééé haha

    I struggled with two things since my try to go vegetarian and hopefully vegan.

    1- Gas/digestion etc. It hurt and it smells to be honest!

    2- High protein and variety in my BREAKFAST.

    Thats my 2 MAIN STRUGGLES in this adventure so far.


  6. I have a friend that says “I get my protein from the same place your protein gets its protein” 🌱

    1. @skerrkro yehhh most animals aren’t eating Suburban front yard grass and neither are vegetarians/vegans

    2. skerrkro Sad that you couldn’t google it yourself but cows eat wheat, oats, and corn. 3 cups of oatmeal is 18g protein

  7. If you had not played that music and spoke about the components of your recipes would have been more helpful it’s nice to put a video on be able to listen to it but great content .

  8. MEN SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMING TOFU IN LARGE AMOUNTS. TOFU CONTAINS SOY, SOY CONTAINS ESTROGEN, FEMINIZING MEN AND GIVING THEM MAN BOOBS(I dont remember the proper terminology for the condition) IF ANY1 CAN RECOMMEND STUFF THAT ISNT SOY BASED PLEASE LET ME KNOW. thinking of not eating meat. But I dont want to look like skeletor like i almost already look like and i dont need to be more fem. This isnt a troll, I need help with this!

  9. I have been using Probase Nutrition Pea Protein Powder and it is most likely the best vegan protein I have tried so far.

  10. I’m not vegan but I’m already consuming less meat then I did before. Last time I ate meat was last month. I just want to try eating wholes foods and these are great

  11. im a pollo vegetarian because i hate the taste of all meat but chicken and i hate dairy unless its in food like in cake or something but i do like cheese i dont really care about eating healthily because i already kinda do because of being a picky eater i love making vegan food then adding chicken because other food is nasty and some vegan and vegetarian food is actually pretty good! also where do you find good vegan food? also also what does tofu taste like and where do you get it?

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  13. Omg omg omg you’re amazing! Your recipes are incredible! I am sooo going down a YouTube rabbit hole of your channel 🤗

  14. The gorilla and cow analogy is false. The leafs gorillas eat is incredibly high in protein.

  15. I’m not a vegan but i always wondering how vegan get their source of protein other than peanut. So here i am.

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  17. I’ve only recently learned that all proteins come from palnts and animals eat the plants. Turns out all vegans already kmow that.

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