54 thoughts on “ULTIMATE CHICKPEA SALAD SANDWICH | easy vegan recipe

  1. I like it! I’m subscribing! Smart mom you have, Oh my gosh! I wish I had thought of that to get my kids to cook, unfortunately I didn’t so I cooked and did the dishes too, bummer! Great channel, fun and delicious food! I also like the grocery list below

  2. Dude this recipe is SO good, I’ve made it twice now and it’s actually so freaking addicting. Thanks guys!!

  3. Here I am in 2020 watching this episode of Freestyle Friday for the 50th time. Watched every one of these and bought the book, love Love LOVE the recipes but I really love watching Eamon in his element. I have never met you two but as much as I’ve followed, it’s like hanging with friends every upload. Congrats on moving into the second van today guys! Thanks for everything. Stay You. Love from Texas! 😎

  4. Eaman, you said “you don’t have to add refined salt”. I just started using kosher salt exclusively, and what…..a…….game…….changer! Give it a try my friend! Hope this message finds you well! Sending Positive Vibes from South Florida🤍☀️

  5. Just discovered you guys a few weeks ago and I’m falling in love with you 2!!! I’m so happy you posted this video, I’ll try it out. I’m planning to become a vegan myself, so far I’m a vegetarian. Small steps but I’ll get there some time soon….

  6. Hey! Y’all need to go back to making these videos. I’m watching all these for the first time 2 years later. I’m not vegan but let me tell ya!!! All the ones I’ve seen look delicious and definitely want to try the recipes. I’ve kinda been binge watching freestyle Friday’s 😬😬😬🤫

  7. Rewatching this because I wanted to make it today. Makes me miss y’all. May just binge your videos again because I love your energy and I need that rn

  8. Yes, love Chickpea Salad. I eat it a couple times a week and do add celery and dill. I never thought of adding olives and sun dried and will definitely try. Last week I added finely shredded cabbage, like a slaw, and it added great crunch. I have that same knife for more than 10 years and love it. I love eating Toc Sandwiches, Tomato Red Onion and Cucumber on a dark Pumperknickel, bread which I can rarely find. The sandwich is amazing simple and delicious. You could add avo too if you like.

  9. Can’t wait to make it. Sun dried tomatoes, interesting. I’ve never tried them. If I was a sponsor I would definitely be your sponsor! Why don’t you guys add organic vegetables, fruits and grains to your chai company. “On the Go” would be a good name. You could use a pouch instead of a can. Cans always give the food a metallic taste. The name because you guys like to travel. All the best to you guys.

    1. @Reagan I got the recipe from Lebanese Feel Good Foodie the recipe is 1/2 cup tahini, 2 gloves of garlic minced, 1/3 cup fresh lemon juice, 1/4 tsp. Salt. Wish the ingredients together.

  10. Makin this for lunch tomorrow.
    I’m doing #weekdayvegetarian2021 and stretching my wings. Excuse to try more vegan meals…… Maybe 😁

  11. Yep this just got me off the couch to go buy some fresh ingredients for a beautiful healthy sangwich

  12. Ok, I tweaked this recipe a bit as I didn’t have jalapeños so I used pickled carrots and no avocado so vegan Mayo…….BEST RECIPE EVER!! Thank you guys!

  13. I know you live very simply but if you have a grater you can grate the pickle. And if you put the chickpeas in a pan and heat them slightly they will smash really fast

  14. You’re amazing beautiful sandwich when my son was in preschool he would take a chickpea sandwich everyday he’s 28 years old now I’m going to send him your video blessings of peace and joy Center Way

  15. My 1st time watching and you made my mouth water 🤤 this looks so good lolz and you are so funny! Thanks

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