51 thoughts on “Air Fryer Recipes You’ll Be Addicted To (Vegan Classics)

  1. Holy Moly those cauliflower bites are delicious! I followed your recipe and used Panko bread crumbs. Also added a little Franks hot sauce to the mix. Thank you for your great videos and Instagram inspiration!

  2. Hi. Your video was so instructional. I’ve been trying to find for YouTube vid like yours that teaches the ideas in this YouTube vid! 👍 🩺Your tip totally is like the channel of Doctor Ethan. His tips are actually insightful and he actually helped me a lot on my wellness.

    I recommend you watch his YouTube out and give the medical student a subscribe! 👉 #DoctorEthanMedLife

  3. I’ve just come back from Aldi with chocolate, an air fryer, and a cauliflower, and the first video I watch is this! (Looking for vegan air fryer recipes.) Cauliflower wings for tea tonight followed by a bit of choccy methinks!

  4. hi first i dont to see what you are doing but when im doing pass forward oh yah this is the want i would like to see
    im so sorry thank you for showing us the technique

  5. Thank you for the great air-fryer advice. More importantly, I can stop looking at your hair. Wow.

  6. You cannot believe how much better freshly cooked chickpeas taste,,, it might convince you to take the time…

  7. I enjoyed your video, I learned some stuff, and let my head dance and my fingers snap to the music.

  8. I don’t like coliflower (or whaever that name is XD) but looks delicious i could even try it , trying to go vegan one step at a time, I am so lazy, hahah so this channel must be for me ( for the name) new suscriber!! 😀

  9. thank you for your video; just got an air fryer for my birthday and this has given me lots of inspiration x

  10. does it matter on the air fryer? what I mean is if you have a pressure cooker and air fryer in one machine would all the cooking times and results be the same? I don’t know if they are as powerful as a regular air fryer machine by itself if that makes sense. Thanks!

  11. Your videos always make us smile 😊 Keep sharing your wonderful recipes and stay blessed

  12. I have no Idea why I find things years after posted…. Oh well. I am a vegan, and an avid cook. This is a great recipe.. (cauliflower) I am going to do this.
    Have You tried the NuWave oven? it is still an air fryer. That is all I have at the moment. Might try one of the other ones soon.

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