51 thoughts on “Why I Canceled My Subscription to the Jillian Michaels App & Vegan Meal Plan

  1. I followed a Jillian Michaels diet & exercise plan from one of her books I bought, called Making The Cut. It worked really well for me, but it was modified from the plan you suggested. I’m a distance runner and she had options for athletes to add an extra portion at some meals and an additional snack once per day. I quite liked the recipes, also. It was like you said, it sorta resets your taste buds bc you’re eating really clean. Note that I didn’t do the plan for weight loss, but for reaching my highest level of muscle tone (which is difficult for distance runners).

    I suggest trying out the book from Amazon.

  2. Jillian’s workouts are good but I hate her attitude, i know it’s probably an act but all that shouting and screaming puts me off and makes the workout appear much harder than it actually is.

  3. lmao hahahah what a rip off time stamp 2:07 we did that in the marines as a punishment without the arm work. we called it watching t..v  or couch potato . we would do the sitting part without the arms motions except for changing the channel on the t.v. how did this torture for military make into main stream?  sorry to sorry it this way but……….sadistic bitch

  4. also if the instructors felt  particularly sadistic we would do it with 70 LB packs on our backs soooooo fun

  5. Did the nutrition for the recipes look ok? Like if you increased the portion sizes to get up to a more reasonable level of calories, what would the amino acids, vitamins and minerals look like on chronometer?

  6. These people obviously have never been on or lived near farm land or in farm country. Why do we like pesticides? Because we hate pests like the bowl-wevil!

  7. Does anyone else have vivid memories of watching the biggest loser while sitting on your couch eating ice cream?……. no…just me okay

  8. I have learnt so much from you, thanks a lot. I can vouch for the windmills you mention in the video I used to do many of those during my warm up and I’ve got a slip disc now. Not necessarily it is the only reason but I’m sure it was a contributing cause.

  9. #1 Reason you cancel cause you lazy…you probably selected challenge workout. Smart advice, training isn’t for u.

  10. I use it mostly for the workouts. I think they’re fun and since I don’t have a gym membership and looking up workouts online hasn’t helped keep me as active as I want to be. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I’m 80:20 Paleo:Keto and her Paleo and Keto recipes have ingredients that are SO expensive! Like…why should I buy bison when I can get ground beef for cheaper? Her meal plans aren’t budget-friendly (I have 5 people to feed and $600/month to feed them with). They’re fun to try if I can finagle the money around a little bit then MAYBE I can try…1 recipe/month. Otherwise, I just try to eat as healthy as I can afford. She does have a few weird workouts, but they keep me surprised and interested so it’s always fun to be doing a workout and seeing a weird one thrown in there. I just keep my free account because you can still access quite a few workouts on the free version and I’ve tried the premium ad I just don’t use enough of the premium features for it to be worth the money. I don’t hate the app, but I would prefer to use it in conjunction with a gym membership. Maybe if I had more money I would enjoy it more. :p

  11. I downloaded the app and signed in , because it didn’t dawn on me that it would cost. I didn’t see a cancel button, so I just deleted the app.Soes deleting the app count as cancelling my account ? I mean I they didn’t tell me to pay for anything, so I’m really unsure. 😐

  12. I think the word you are looking for is a row. Makes sense it was cardio based since it was a sliming program maybe a strength program would have included more weight bearing exercise

  13. 14:25 )) i have hypothyroidism and i consume tofu all the fucking time, yet it hasn’t affected my thyroid at all, it has actually been pretty stable ever since i went vegan. what a stupid claim

  14. If you can’t lift heavy it may be because it’s working other muscles that can’t lift heavy weights. Not every muscle is large abs can move large amounts of weight . Just a thought

  15. I persoanlly love Jillian and I mean look at her..however nice to get your opinion on it. Id like to think id stick with the plan but I need to go to the gym and to classes or I just wont do the work. I might do the sneaky 7 days though lol

  16. They are called dynamic movements. But you would need to be a trainer to know this. These movements burn a lot of fat while also shaping your body. FYI, that “weird” movement is also strengthening and defining other muscle groups.
    I love how you share your opinion (uneducated opinion) with such an authoritative tone. Btw, up your weight lifting weight because you’re looking pretty soft and floppy.

  17. Can we just start calling these apps/programs what they really are? FRAUD I think we can assume all fitness & nutritious professionals who disregard proven facts or fudge the numbers do not have good intentions & are actively running scams. If they aren’t, then they most likely are either cruelly indifferent to harm they may cause or so deluded that they pose a real risk to the public. Let’s stop pretending they aren’t criminals.

  18. After watching your videos for so long i have come the conclusion that you are not real.Nobody has skin that perfect and crystal clear eyes and so damn lovely…..

  19. I just installed this and will be trying for 7 days. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you seem very objective and level headed. I just came off the Centr app 7 day trial which I enjoyed but has its share of problems (and more expensive!).

  20. I had a look at the mealplan being a curious chef. I think perhaps She has changed it a bit?
    But from just a practical viewpoint some of the recipies just wont be good the way they instruct. They give you an option to cook for several days at a time and then surgest recipies that dont store well. And you need to know this because the instructions doesnt say so. So not for beginners in the kitchen. But a lot of the recipies are so basic that experienced people could find similar things them selves. For free …

  21. I was looking for a balanced review on a diet/fitness app. Really wasn’t expecting an attack on what sounds like basic advice to opt for more natural, less processed food – all framed around ‘science’ while ignoring actual research. Loads of work has been done on harm caused by various pesticides on human health, not to mention the impacts of some types of production on both the environment and communities. There’s clear contrasts between eg the US and the EU which help demonstrate how different approaches (eg the EU’s stricter on some types of pesticides etc) link through to public health patterns. It’s one thing to say that people shouldn’t go overboard and quite another to claim that all research says that there’s no problem. That’s simply untrue and really misleading. And – tiny point but honestly I couldn’t care less what clothes of background an exercise instructor uses. That that’s even a factor in your review is totally bizarre to me.

  22. As a yoga instructor and someone who has personal experience with disk injuries, I am really appalled at certain options unnatural vegan has. She says that she wants to lift weights and then literally 30 seconds later critiques a stretch for being too much of strain on your disks 🙄 The stretch she pointed to isn’t even a deep twist and if done properly can actually improve spinal health. Whereas lifting weights in any amount is by far and away a bigger strain on the disks and puts you at greater risk for spine injuries. That’s why yoga is used in physical therapy when reviving from spine injuries and recommended to prevent them. She loves to call our other influencers about spreading false information and not being qualified yet she is so guilty of it herself, UGH!

  23. Yo, I switched from Jillian to both les mills and peleton, and they’re sooooooo much better. They teach modifications and I’ve dropped 15 pounds; I gained 6 on the Jillian app

  24. I actually agree with this assessment. Jillian has a video debunking a vegan diet, so I wouldn’t want her recommendations on plant based milk. The fact that’s in this app has vegan meal plans tells me they are there to make money, and no compassionate lifestyle. She also got busted cheating on the biggest loser. The only thing I disagree on is the artificial sweetener. No one is going to convince me they are fine

  25. But vegans should eat organic since pesticides also kill small animals that are in or near the land

  26. I love this app so far im on week 18 but I can’t stick to the dirty because I wad losing too much weight I want to tone up so I’m adding to my diet lol

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