64 thoughts on “Vegan Pot Roast

  1. My stress levels go through the roof when you didn’t get all that seasoning off that one piece of jackfruit. lol. I can’t wait to try this

  2. I made this last night! It was so good! Even took some over to my neighbor and her daughter said how can this be vegan with meat in it. Lol Thank you !

  3. Just made this but it didn’t come out as dark(caramelized) still good tho! I paired it with rice and candied yams.. didn’t have any Mac n chez to throw on the side lol.. tfs

  4. This is great. It’s in the oven now with 1 hour to go. Initial taste is sooooo good BUT a bit salty. I’m hoping the potatoes will absorb that in the oven. Will update when it’s done.

    OMG! It was GREAT. I can’t stop eating it!! 🥰

  5. I see this in my YouTube suggestions. Yes, this vegan stew looks tasty. I will try this recipe. Thank you for sharing. Date Stamp: 04feb21

  6. I added the water and cornstarch separately on accident and now the cornstarch is chunked up in there, how do I fix this?

  7. This was really good. Thank you so much. But, next time, I realize I need to treat the jackfruit first to make the flavor neutral.

    1. @Fly Vegan Recipes Ok now I see why mine came out tasting like vinegar. I’ll have to give it another try.

  8. Omgggggg made this tonight and it’s fire!!! Ended up using the same casserole dish as yours too (purely accidental)!

  9. I wonder if I threw this in my instant pot for the oven portion if it would come out right….🤔

  10. This looks delicious! I’m going to try it… IF I can find canned jack fruit. I think my kids and hubs will like it too! 😃

  11. I made this two nights ago and had leftovers. OMG… leftovers taste even better the next day too…🥄💯

  12. We just had this for dinner. Thank you for this amazing recipe! My husband loved it. I few substitutes though. I made it all stove-top, added a few peas. I didn’t have corn starch so I used flour to thicken it. On a scale of one to ten my husband rated it a nine. Next time I will use a little less of the bouillon and Tabasco. It was a little too salty tasting for me, though I had never cooked with Tabasco before and didn’t know what to expect. I will definitely make this again.

    1. Not Tabasco, I mean Worchestershire. I had never cooked with that or Tabasco or A-1 before. I think they’re used on meat, so I wouldn’t have been familiar with them.

  13. Omg!!!😲 First time making this tonight. I tell you this came out so delicious! The flavor was on point…may God continue to bless you and these delicious recipes. It just makes you never wanna eat unhealthy ever again. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    1. @Fly Vegan Recipes I did. And literally the first thing that shows up is fish oil and anchovies are used in Worstercheshire sauce.

      And many other vegan channels don’t use it for this exact reason.

    2. @Sirene Kalypso Don’t give miss information… it’s like saying milk and sour cream isn’t vegan . There are many plant-based milk alternatives it’s literally 5 different vegan options in the Whole Foods I shop in and two at Kroger . Your mindset is limited… vegan options are everywhere🤷🏽‍♀️. Maybe those channels are best for you sis.

    3. @Fly Vegan Recipes You don’t say vegan worstercheshire. And the kind you use isn’t vegan.

      Instead of getting defensive about your mistake and having a weird temper tantrum, why not simply admit your mistake and correct???

      You’re acting like a teenager because I noted your small hiccup

    4. The kind I used was vegan ,it’s a vegan channel. What video did you watch this is a vegan channel I don’t have to put vegan in front of every ingredient that’s silly. You made the mistake by saying it’s not vegan… it is because what I used was vegan and in the description that’s what’s listed . Find another channel sis it’s been 4 years people have been enjoying this recipe. Find somewhere better to put your energy. Bye ✌🏽

  14. Wwwhhhhatttttt??? Omg I saw someone pot roast and was like dang that look good. I saw this yesterday and find your vegan version TUDAY🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  15. So mine is in the oven currently and let’s just say, my house smells heavenly. I didn’t have Worcestershire sauce so I substituted liquid aminos… can’t wait to taste

  16. Tried this once before and even meat eaters loved it. But one question….can this be kept in the cast iron to cook in the oven ? trying to increase iron levels , THanks

  17. Made this last night. Didn’t have any A1 sauce, so found a recipe online & made my own. Next time I will use only 1/2 can of jackfruit, I thought a whole can was too much. It reminded me of tender cabbage or cooked bone marrow, but not really meat. The mushrooms are very good in there – do not omit! I think the mushrooms are a good enough sub for the meat, IMO.

  18. I was looking for a vegetarian recipe so thank you so much for this idea. Just an

    FYI this is vegetarian, not a vegan recips as it has Worcestershire sauce in it which does contains anchovies.

    1. Anchovies are animals and vegan Worcestershire is a real thing, just check the ingredients for anchovies they sell it in most super markets.

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