1. Biology major to the rescue: to the untrained eye yams and sweet potatoes are the same, in color and taste for the most part. However, they are in fact two different species of plants; yams are monocots and sweet potatoes are dicots (which refers to the number of embryonic budding leaves). Between the two plans there are vastly different nutritional values of vitamins and minerals (yams are low in a but high in c and such). Additionally monocots differ from dicots in plant structures like leaf shape/vascularity and number of petals on flower multiples of 3 vs 4 or 5 respectfully (yams have 6 sweet potatoes have 5). You can also tell from observing the structure of the xylem water transport and phloem sugar transport tubes inside the tubers themselves. Have fun with the knowledge!

    1. Isn’t yam just a regional term? In some places yams just are sweet potatos? Some places they aren’t? Like cougars

    2. @Shaniya Allan that’s literally the biology major life. All knowledge but useless unless you go to grad school and maybe find a job

    3. *Struggling To Build Muscle As a Vegan? It’s Easy With The Correct Diet, Let Me Show You How: **https://youtu.be/_PtfmwXIoOk* 💪

    4. @Alicia V Yams look like a small tree branch on the outside with a white inside. All sweet potatoes outer skin is “orange-like” with either an orange or white-like inner.

  2. Your diet is impressive! Thanks for the tips. The only question I have is how do you actually fit all that food inside you? You must have incredible bowel function and pass a lot multiple times a day. I don’t think my bowels excrete efficiently enough to eat all of that.

  3. I don’t like the music most vegan bodybuilders play, I don’t like this genre of music. talking about the first song… the last fews songs are ok.

  4. He’s got to be best at what he does right ? His meals were almost perfect in all senses. His workouts his times and he’s rewarded with his complex sponsors home

    Am not jell but am defiantly thinking I could do this

  5. Orange ones are sweet potatoes. They are sweet so you can use that as a guide too. In Jamaica (caribbean) we have two types. One that looks very yellow when cooked (we call it yellow heart) is the sweetest of the two. The other is yellow too, just not as yellow or as sweet.

  6. So you used all the stir fry for your salad or did you have some left over cause that seems like a lot and really expensive if I meal prep it.😳😬

  7. Great video. Question. I am not a bodybuilder nor a person who sports a lot (yet). Can I substitute some of my beans/ lentils/ tofu and other protein foods with protein powder? … Because I do like smoothies. Anyway, I’v been vegen for almost a year now and I’m really tired of eating beans/ lentils/ tofu, and so I’ve been avoiding them a lot and now I’m tired quite often. Thanks in advance. I’ve subscribed cause a vegan on Facebook said your videos are really informative.

  8. Loving ur eating videos, I’m mostly plant based but still eating dairy and few eggs here and there and really need to eat more protein. I will surely check some of ur recipes 🥰

  9. The orange one is a sweet potato your stir-fry look good I think I would have admitted that sauce or went with a green Dilly sauce Maybe

  10. This vid is really cool! I have been trying to look for a YouTube vid like yours that informs the stuff in this video. 👍 🥼Your vid actually is like the channel of this insightful med student Dr. Ethan. Doctor Ethan’s videos are actually helpful and I learned a lot for my wellness.

    You should watch his channel out and give the doc a subscribe over here! 👉 #LearnFromDrEthan

  11. What a shock, he has to make frankenfoods with a bunch of poison in them and fake protein powders. Almost none of that food is edible or nutritious.

  12. I watched the video to see what the diet was, not to see you working out. Recommend you go straight to the point with the diet if thats what you advertise.

  13. Hey there! New to your channel and absolutely fell in love with this video! Delicious vegan meals and great filming & footage! I am now on the lookout for bread like that …. so hard to find anything without preservatives and additives!

  14. Much love for coco, your humble and simple personality , also your girlfriend makes and amazing bonded couple , thanks for sharing ur knowledge , I am learning a lot and love ur cooking style 😻

  15. that is so unbelievably high in carbs man i can’t believe your physique. That’s like 120g of carb right there.

  16. Too much refreshing to watch the greenary and calmness of whole video and what a great content.seriously, loved the video and Love you man😊🙏

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