59 thoughts on “How to make Tofu look and taste like Chicken

  1. “Give it a mixy mixy mix “ 🤣. New subscriber here for your sense of humour, love the food too Will try this for sure

  2. So spend days dehydrating… or buy silken tofu and have it not be oversaturated to begin with.

    1. @Stubbari That´s beside the point but yeah, I fry, cook or bake tofu about once a week. I‘ve also tried that „press, freeze, thaw and press some more“ technique and sure, it makes the tofu more firm or „meaty“. But no one who has ever eaten chicken would agree that it tastes the same.

    2. @Thomas Borowiak Well not really. You said that the title is a bold claim so obviously I’m asking you if you’ve made the recipe. As far as I can tell chicken’s taste is really bland and fried chicken tastes even less like chicken so I don’t see anything bold in claiming that a fried piece of tofu (which has also a bland taste) would taste like fried piece of chicken.

    3. @Stubbari For me it‘s a huge difference so I guess… agree to disagree? Have a good one.

    4. @Thomas Borowiak Yeah, I guess. Taste is a personal experience after all so it’s hard to know how others perceive certain taste.
      Have a nice one.

  3. i am glad i discovered your channel, you are one funny guy and the recipies are amazing! Thanks for sharing them. lots of love

  4. The way of making tofu is somewhat like cheese making, make them coagulated first, get the curd and make them dryer.

    Cheese making requires enzymes, and making fermented soy product requires certain kinds of bacterias or molds.

    But there is no use of mold while making normal tofu, just make the curd dryer and that’s it.

  5. Can I not have my Tofu without any flavouring though???

    Because I want it like that with nothing on it just cooked

  6. Frist, tofu will never taste like chicken. Second tofu can taste amazing if you season it correctly and can be substituted for many things. The closet I’ve come to the taste of chicken is using gluten, frying it in hot grease and making sure the seasoning is right.

    1. Well, you are correct because chicken doesn’t really taste like anything. This tofu recipe tastes like breaded chicken (which doesn’t really taste like chicken in the first place).

  7. I love this video. Thanks to you, I can prep the whole block all at once and I always have some in the freezer ready to go! It’s a lifesaver.

  8. Hello, your meals look super delicious 👏🏼😋
    I save some of your uploads in my playlist ❤🤍❤
    I hope its Ok. to you?
    ..& in your sense 🌈

    Stay healthy 🍀
    & Greetings ☀🏖

  9. My mom say to me to be honest, so I’ll say, if you wanna taste chicken then eat some chickens. Don’t torture yourself, tofu and chicken is different

  10. What do I do if it’s not reabsorbing the liquid? It’s still crispy on the edges and I don’t want that :/

  11. i absolutely love this. i make thiner slices instead of cubes to make it even less mushy inside, even my sister was surprised how much it tasted like chicken.

  12. Press the water out 10-12 times. So basically tofu has more water in it the the ocean. When they make it out of a couple of beans and 50 gal of water. Good to know what you’re paying for by the pound. Kinda like that chicken that got swol on the exit line with water injections. Bob the chicken heading to the shop looking like Schwarzenegger. Meat industry or vegan industry is the same shit all about $$$$. But maybe one wont kill you as fast. Now to find that prove me wrong guy picture in the chair at some college.

  13. hey! i love your videos thanks so much for sharing, i am wondering if it is possible to re re freeze it? or does it have to be consumed straight after cooking? i wonder for my meal prep situations where i often cook a batch of food then freeze it up to 2 weeks..

  14. There are many varieties of tofu… there are many made to be dense and chewy as meat alternatives…

  15. …. Im exhaused …. just buy some chicken breast already…. truth is, its actual better for you than the tofu anyways! “Vegan” being more healthy is a Myth… Vegan does not automatically equal a more healthy lifestyle! If protein intake is the goal.., plant proteins are INCOMPLETE PROTEINS … humans are flesh and blood (animals) not a plant… and animal proteins are MUCH MORE HEALTHY for people than any plant protein out there because they are comparable with human body composition and are what is called complete proteins.. the kind that actually turns into tissue and building blocks etc in the human body. A plant base only diet will never accomplish what animal proteins do in a human body.., because we are flesh and blood as a human, not a plant!!! Plants are more in the carb family.., and have their special duties in the health of the body.., but they are NO SUBSTITUTE for animal proteins.., like meat, eggs, fish, cheese, cream, butter, etc…the proteins and fats from animals are essential to the bodies overall optimum health. Its all about balance and moderation in all eating.., but a plant only diet is NOT the only diet for optimum health and longevity in humans!

    1. What’s up with these misconceptions? Veganism is about not exploiting animals. It has nothing to do with personal health. You can eat a healthy vegan diet or unhealthy (just like on a “normal” omnivorous diet).

      There are plenty complete plant proteins, one of them is soy (very popular).

  16. step 1 : Cook your tofu until its brick hard
    step 2 : use your tofu as a stylus to order a chicken sandwich instead

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