55 thoughts on “3 $1 RAW VEGAN RECIPES! 🌿Yovana

  1. Hello friends! Thank you for being here! I’m glad you liked these recipes, now is the BEST time to give raw food a try! Who’s going raw vegan for a day?? 💖 4 WEEK RAW VEGAN TRANSFORMATION HERE 👉🏽

    1. @PINAY Vegetarian
      Wow, I been looking for someone like you.
      I just subbed to you.🇵🇭
      I ❤️ healthy, Pinoy food with lots of good veggies.
      Thanks!! God bless you.

    2. @I love noodles thanks a lot im trying my best and I’m looking for people in Philippines that wants to build community with me

    3. @PINAY Vegetarian
      Sweet! I wish I can, but I’m in USA right now. Where exactly are you? I am originally from the south.

  2. Hi dear
    Liked you video.
    I wanted to recommend something to you.. you can take it or leave it 😀
    But being a health nut & all… have you ever looked into food combining?

  3. I’m trying to cut back on meat and dairy because I just found out I have high cholesterol, but I’m broke as hell so this is helpful! I’m still probably going to eat sardines every now and then since they’re cheap and filling and delicious but otherwise I’ll likely be following a similar diet

  4. I am considering the raw vegan diet for my nourishment! Fiber sufficient foods and delicious as well! Suck on that meat eaters!

  5. Hi!
    I’m no vegan at all, but I’m searching for ways to eat more raw things and more fruits and vegetables, so you’re very very helpful! Thanks a lot, for the recipes AND for your smile ☺️

  6. This would cost a lot more than a 1$ here in Canada. However, these look delicious! Will definitely try these out!

  7. oftentimes when looking at vegetarian recipes, it looks really unappetizing. Raw is bright, organized and inviting looking. I would not mind adding some cooked brown rice or cellophane noodles or rice noodles. I am going to start my new life tomorrow. Its nearly a new year and i am getting a jump on resolutions now!

  8. Thank you so much for this helpful video 👍 I’m a total newbie in raw food and I’m still working out the easiest recipes. 🍀

  9. No,do not take B12 supplements it is not healthy and not needed. Bacterias in our guts make it enough and you don’t have to take it from food/supplements

  10. Good grief on the constant posing for the camera! Stop trying to be seductive so we can take your vids seriously.

  11. Where do you live? Im gonna move there since it’s that cheap!
    Even in Asia Philippines, your last 2meals cost few dollars each.

  12. Hi I just saw this video and would love to do the 4 weeks raw transformation but is gone! will you have it again 🙂

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