51 thoughts on “10 Vegan Hacks You’ve Gotta Try

  1. Girl, you are such beautiful soul, thank you for the love and walking the talk, for the animals the planet’s future.

  2. I watched What The Health yesterday and it was beyond eye opening. I got up, called my husband and said this is what I’m thinking.  I went to Costco’s and Sprouts last night for Plant-Based items to get us started on our new journey. hamburgers I had previous saw and refused to touch, until I gain new knowledge from WTH documentary. The employee told me about Chipotle Black Bean Burger which was surprisingly GREAT and then he said if you’re just starting out going plant-base you need to watch this lady who does SweetPotatoSoul on YouTube, she can help you get started on your journey. She’s vegan, but she an awesome starting point.

    Today is the first day my husband and I are starting a Plant-Based Lifestyle! I made my first dish using Avocado Oil…
    I sauteed portobello mushrooms, cauliflower, fresh green onions, and tomatoes and then poured then over organic butter lettuce. OMG, it was really good. I’ve watch several of your SweetPotatoSoul videos this afternoon and I was so excited by them all, especially the many dishes that you and make or create. I was Blown Away by the Fried Chicken Cauliflower and the recipes that I can’t wait to try. I ordered your new SweetPotatoSoul Cook Book! I can’t wait to watch more videos and learn how my husband and I can be GREAT on our new Plant-Base journey! Running out the door to go to Whole Food next in moderation! Blessings

  3. Remember that when you say “the real thing”, we are saying cows breast milk is somehow more real and better than plant foods. No!

  4. A great vegan hack to replace an egg ingredient as a binder is a “chia seed egg” to replace 1 egg, mix 1 tbsp chia seeds with 3 tbsp water and let sit for 15-20 min then add to your recipe. great flatbread swap for a gluten-free vegan recipe, use a glutenfree-all-purpose-flour, and a freshly boiled sweet potato. it’s a 1 to 1 ratio, it’s important that you mix while the sweet potato is still hot and soft (1 cup flour to 1 cup sweet potato) … use a spatula to prevent burning your hands and once you got a dough ball let sit 20 min covered and then cut into 4 to 6 pieces (depending on how big you want your flatbread) then pat flat or roll into a 1/8 inch thick and heat on a hot skillet. 2 min first side and 1-2 min second side.

  5. Hi I love your videos on the vegan lifestyle and heathy food alternative. My husband has been eating a plant base diet with occasional cheese, eggs an$ butter for about four years now. I decided to try going vegan as a lifestyle for myself. I did it for about three months no meat, dairy, animal products and I started eating more healthier and investing in more whole foods and plant base eating. I lost weight, blood pressure went down, felt great and had a lot of energy. But around my fourth month I start craving my regular foods chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, butter, cheese again. So I started back eating a little bit at time and sure enough I started experiencing some of my old health issues. I feel like I’m starting from ground zero. But today I’m getting back on track- has anyone else experience this?

  6. Lady you are the business! I am a Kaiser Permanente client and I’m starting a year-long research project based on plant-based food. The director is an African-American woman and I sent her your information last night she had no idea you are so inclusive I wouldn’t watch anybody else thank you for working so hard for us.

  7. Your videos are such a delight and your tips are so helpful! Even for long term vegans like me. Thank you for everything you do!

  8. I started making my own almond milk and cashew milk. Taste so much better than store bought and with coffee or chai tea latte its yummy

  9. I love mushrooms! DId you do a mushroom video? I will look on your chanel. I hope you did! And thanks for tip on how to cook mushrooms to make them meatier.

  10. You’re really inspiring me in becoming vegan. I love the way you explain how simple it is too become vegan. Thank you!!!

  11. Flax seeds – buy whole, fresh and UNTOASTED. The toasted flaxseed I bought went rancid. You can tell because they’ll have a sour smell.

  12. These hacks are great! I immediately went to my cupboard and got the flax seeds I’ve had forever and ground them up in my coffee/spice grinder. Thank you!! You are my favorite channel right now. My daughter and I love watching you and trying your recipes and advice. You are awesome!!

  13. The number one reason for pollution and fires is the slaughter houses, if you don’t have mercy for animals think about what you’re leaving to your children.
    Great video, Thank you!

  14. How can I make a hamburger vegan and how can I make a chicken burger vegan meet meet them to recipe so I can try

  15. You make good videos I can’t wait to try them vegan burgers and chicken burgers Don’t forget to send me them to recipes I like them I’ll buy me a cookbook with you don’t forget to give me a discount when I do old barbecue man

  16. Another tip: shop for veggies at a global/international food store, they have lots of veggies I hadn’t even heard of

  17. I’m going vegan because spiritually I getting back on track and I’m fasting . I’m HUNGRY 😂 and I don’t want to eat dirty anymore .

  18. If my skin could glow like yours, I would definitely become vegan! I am slowing moving toward a 90% plant based diet.

  19. 0:22 warm up an froth plant milk for coffee
    1:14 Banana Nicecream
    1:44 frozen fruits and vegetables
    2:58 fresh green with a paper towel
    3:34 grind your own flaxseed
    4:29 spices are vegan
    5:24 heavy lid or skillet on musrooms while cooking
    5:59 meat replacements
    7:44 vinegar and non-diary milk in baking
    8:33 eat a lot

    Bonus 10:28 motivation

    1. So I kind of got 7 out of 11

      Grinded flaxseed can be stored in the fridge for about a week while still being equally nutritious. That‘d be a good compromise to grinding it every day, which I personally find quite time consuming.

  20. Hi Jene’..can you tell me, where to buy home made vegan reatuarants around LA or Inland empire if you have gone to any while you lived here?

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