51 thoughts on “HOW A VEGAN DIET CHANGED MY LIFE! ➟ (5 Major Ways!)

  1. I love your vegan videos! You make such nice looking meals, not a lot of smoothie bowls. You make food that I’d love to eat. I’ve been vegetarian many years than committed to veganism in 2019. I have noticed for many years that my nails grow so much better now. I also have pretty clear skin, and fast growing hair.

  2. I want to give vegan but I need to talk to my hematologist first I cut out chicken because I don’t digest it well I love pork and steak but the smell of meat cooking now makes me nauseous

  3. I’m so excited to start a vegan diet.
    Five benefits I WILL gain (positivethinkinglol):
    1. Clear, glowy, radiant skin / slow down aging process
    2. Longer healthier hair
    3. More clarity and a zest for life
    4. Healthier PH balance
    5. Kinder, patience, more compassion for others

  4. I have become more compassionate towards animals. True story my husband wanted me to cook chicken. I put the wings in the sink and was near tears having to touch them. I couldn’t stop thinking how many chickens had to die for those wings. It was getting deep. They need these wings to fly. So sad. Chickens can’t fly. 😞

  5. Wow! Insomnia as a result of adrenal fatigue is the reason I started my vegan journey 2 weeks ago. It is great to hear that it helped you within a few weeks.

  6. Everybody can be vegan! Challenge yourself. You know I used to eat salmon and sushi almost everyday but now I’m vegan and eating yummy stuff, learned how to cook and feeling so great and not guilty anymore! More energy less pain from our animals

  7. Vegan is not only a diet there’s much more! We do for animals, for environment and for our bodies

  8. Tmi but I noticed that literally have no body odor after working out or sweating anymore. I use unscented vegan deodorant as well. I was never able to do that in the past. Meat just completely throws my body chemistry off.

  9. New to this channel. Love your personality. Great videos, no ridiculous music playing in the background. Nice food ideas❤✅💯

  10. Since you made this video, the upside is that a lot of restaurants are now embracing some plant based dishes. Even KFC and Burger King have meat free burgers now! But I guess you’d still need to research what they put in their meat free dishes (since they still might not be vegan).

    I have a genuine question though. I know you said people were giving you backlash about it, but it’s a genuine question: How do you make sure you get all the nutrients you need? Is it from the nutritional yeast?

    I’d like to go meat free, but I’m concerned about not getting enough of this vitamin or that iron etc.

    When I was a child, my mum briefly went vegetarian so I had to eat what she cooked, but I quickly became anaemic. But then again, it was decades ago and we have a lot more information at our fingertips these days 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 8 years now, please let me in on the secret of getting rid of insomnia. 😭 That’s the one thing that hasn’t changed for me.

  12. I think meat is starting to gross me out as well🙈 btw where did you find those black and whit pillows BEAUTIFUL

  13. You’re so beautiful baby girl you have incredibly gorgeous skin I’m happy you found your, I’ll call it, Zen some years ago. You hair and make up is very pretty. You’re blessed baby b/c God took a little more time on you. Keep up the good work with your healthy life style.

  14. I’m trying to go plant-based, but the one thing that I am rather nervous about is our family gatherings.. like for thanksgiving and christmas.

  15. Hmmm that is rather interesting…. I was vegan for 7 years and my hair was super thick and long but, that is my genetics. With that said, most vegans I do know have extremely thinning hair because they think plant based is a weight loss cure. I ate a lot of fruits and veggies, whole grains etc… but I digress..

  16. The smell of red meat 🍖 makes me sick I eat chicken once in a while like I can go 2-5 months without it and If I do eat it it is chicken pops

  17. The root of human health problem is murdering animals and eating their flesh …the animal spirit punishes humans in return with ill

  18. my journey started when I witnessed how protective a chicken could be towards eggs it laid. if they can show almost maternal like feelings towards their eggs, that kind of makes us monsters for eating eggs, right? so I started cutting out red meat, then chicken but still ate seafood. I cut out seafood when i watched the documentary “what the health – netflix” and found fish contains mercury and eggs are actually bad for you. i decided to go vegan. this was recent and for me its more a matter of awakening of my conscience, than anything.

  19. this is so amazing .. I just hosted a guest and she was sharing just how vegan diet has changed her life completely and she had found multiple lumps at the age of 15 and really vegan transformed her body and her weight and most importantly the lumps

  20. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, I know this video is two years old but congratulations on your lil baby!!!

  21. this is very inspirational ..I know better that I should be eating better…I have everything I need to suceed

  22. When I eat clean (mostly plant based) I noticed the same thing…my menstural cycle is shorter and not heavy either.

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