52 thoughts on “EPIC FLAVOURFUL BUDDHA BOWL 5 easy vegan recipes

  1. Hope ya’ll enjoy the recipes! I didn’t anticipate such a miserable day in london otherwise I would’ve uploaded a more winter recipe lol! But alas! Make sure you are subscribed as i’m coming back with some one pots for back to school season! Also let me know in the comments anything in particular you’d like to see as I love making videos and content that is actually helpful :D. Love always Rach xxxxx

  2. This is great. Very nicely done. It wasn’t you, it was me. I’m glad I revisited this video. Thank you so much. I will be doing this tonight but with butternut squash instead of sweet potato.

  3. Try adding ice cubes to your hummus mixture.. it’ll make it much creamier than adding water. 🙂 give it a try!

  4. Looking at her you think, “oh yeeeeaaah, that’s why I wanted to go Vegan” but then you realize you couldn’t keep up with telling everyone you’re vegan every 5 minutes. Lol!

    But dang this lil woman is inspiring.

  5. @Rachel AMA thanks for these videos. I’m slowly making my way over to less meat (I can’t say meatless) and worry I will not have the creativity to make yummy meals for the family. I will try this one tomorrow – sure looks good when you do it!

  6. This gotta be the best damn budda bowl recipe I’ve ever had. Anytime I need a wholesome plant based meal, I’m coming here. Thank you Rachel!

  7. I just discovered your channel and this looks amazing! I will definitely be trying all of these! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. What does the Buddha part of this bowl actually mean … curious about the relevance ? Looks amazing either way

  9. Not vegan, but looks so good. I’m scared I’ll fail at being vegan because I’m not a fan of hummus, sweet potatoes or avocado. These seem to be stables in a lot of meals

  10. Mmmmm…I made this recipe you shared. It’s so yummmmmy. Hubby loves it. Our first meal totally no meat! Thank you!

  11. This took so much time, prep work, and clean up! The finished taste for me just wasn’t worth it. I have tried way simpler bowls that taste so much better! This was a no for me!

  12. Por favor por favor…pon subtítulos…..en español..no entiendo nada y tu contenido se me hace muy bueno….plis

  13. It’s like magic, I thought I needed to go grocery shopping but I actually have each if the ingredients you listed to make this bowl. Wow!

  14. You made everything I love ! I agree,restaurants make it boring, except one here called So Fresh and Fresh Market .

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