1. Do you think it is realistic to get enough protein that is plant based with a 400 dollar grocery budget. If so, how would you go about it ?

  2. I like your shows, I am not vegan but my diet needs to be mostly plant base. I am definitely using your recipes. Keep up the good job.

  3. Just used this recipe this morning for waffles . Added nutmeg, vanilla, and oat milk instead of almond milk. Omg!! They were delicious!

  4. New sub here. I’m slowly going to transition over to a vegetarian. Thanks bro for the guidance, knowledge and your help. Question, can I make that breakfast pancakes a night or 2 before? Got your recipe book by the way. Can’t wait to get to cooking

    1. Oh let me tell yah, I get very full and satisfied. The beauty is I don’t gain unwanted weight! I eat all that I want and stay lean and muscular. Sounds like a terrible deal doesn’t it. I see this is the second negative comment from you, I wonder what you are still doing here?

    1. Haha, nice comment. Of course you already know we convert Beta Carotene from plants to vitamin A. With one sweet potato giving us 400% the RDI, I’m sure we are doing okay over here. Good vibes at least… unlike yourself. 😉 But at least your shit don’t stink. Haha.

  5. You might need a deep freezer. Next time you’re offered free bananas you can freeze them for your smoothies and nice cream

  6. Ok. I’m going to try again. I’m going to try pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. When I make pancakes and use bananas and oats the insides are always mushy. 🙁 And I have tried different recipes.

  7. Better way to get your greens…try Markus Rothkranz’s Wildforce Green Formula. So many different plants in it and it is pretty easy to take. I have tried putting salad greens in smoothies and I never get past the taste. You’ve gotta try the
    Green Formula. And the Green Pro C is even better. He gets the best plants from around the world.

  8. my pancakes failed, they sticked to the pan and burned, I used 3 different pans, but all failed😢

  9. Thanks you for this bro…I was trying other recipes and they just weren’t coming together…this one worked perfectly!!!!

  10. Still enjoying your creations and your presentations are real. I like that. I was thinking about why I like your channel so much. One thing, is you and Crystal have resting happy faces ( vs resting b faces). Thanks for keeping this vegan journey happy for thousands.

  11. I made the pancakes this morning and Holy Crap they are good! I even licked the tamper for the blender. YUM! Thanks!

  12. This guy is genius. He made oil free food on an iron pan 😳😳😳 . I dnt know how many knows this but it needs real experience or else it will burn badly and trust me s srubbing the pan is next bad bad migraine attack like lollll

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