51 thoughts on “Dragons excited by vegan beauty product | Dragons’ Den

  1. Touker should learn how to sell himself and look attractive and radiate confidence in himself by enterpreneurs.

  2. The way the taller guy looked so excitedly at his partner after Deborah said she’d make an offer was so wholesome

  3. The zonked group evolutionarily meddle because siberian lovely delight out a homeless syrup. gamy, red desire

  4. Brilliant camera zooming Peter and Tej when Jenny said she liked it 😀 👏 👍 😄 👌

    Jenny Campbell At 07:20 – “Guys, I really like it…”
    ***Camera zooms to Peter and Tej with grinning faces saying “Oh here we go…and that’s the reason she is out.”

  5. Tej: My area of expertise
    Touker: Office space
    Deborah: Patent
    Peter: No one is better than me
    Jenny: I’m out

  6. How many deals has Jenny ever made on Dargons? Ans 5
    Yes, on five occasions.
    £80k ParkingPerx
    £75k Didsbury Gin
    £30k Driven Media
    £60k Look After My Bills
    £50k Carun
    £295k in total
    As a final aside, Jenny has since sold her shares in Look After My Bills and Carun. SHE IS OUT!

  7. Jenny : I like it, which is why I’m having trouble deciding whether I should declare my self out or just say I’m out.

  8. Peta certified? Hardly a good thing, considering said group’s ethics and actions. Cruelty Free would have been far wiser to go with.

  9. Entrepreneurs enter the Den. ‘Our product is organic / vegan / natural / … ‘ Deborah: I like it!

  10. “Hello Dragons, my name is Denise & this is Rob, I’m the man & he’s the woman but we do change over when by bum hole gets a bit sore”
    (Taj fidgets uncontrollably in his seat) 😂

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